Dangerous cold on tap through Wednesday morning, Jan. 26, for Cass and Crow Wing counties

Both area counties are part of a wind chill warning

Temperature and windchill forecasts for northern Minnesota Jan 24-26, 2022
Already chilly temperatures today will continue to drop tonight and stay cold through Wednesday morning. Actual temperatures may not rise above 0F Tuesday, and wind chills may drop to near -40 for parts of NE MN Tuesday morning. Wind Chill Warnings and Advisories are in effect.
National Weather Service, Duluth MN

PEQUOT LAKES — Enjoy Monday's sunshine and the weekend dusting of snow, and then watch the temperatures plunge again.

Crow Wing and Cass counties are under a wind chill advisory Monday evening, Jan. 24, through noon Tuesday, Jan. 25, though that time frame could be extended. The coldest temperatures and wind chills are expected during the day Tuesday into Wednesday morning.

"Chilly temperatures today (Monday) become very cold overnight into Tuesday morning," the National Weather Service said in an email briefing. "Temperatures remain cold through Wednesday morning."

Temperatures could dive to 21 below zero with wind chill values between 25 below and 35 below zero Monday night, according to the weather service.

Temperatures will stay below zero during the day Tuesday, only climbing into the single digits below zero before dropping again to 25 below zero overnight into Wednesday. The temperature by 6 p.m. Tuesday is forecast at 21 below zero. Wind chill values are forecast between 25 below and 40 below zero Tuesday and overnight into Wednesday.


Wednesday morning temperatures will be around 22 below zero before rebounding to the 20s above zero.

The weather service warns that at the predicted wind chill values, frostbite could form in just 10-15 minutes on exposed skin, and offers the following tips:

  • Minimize exposure: Avoid exposure during the coldest wind chills.
  • Stay dry: Wet clothing causes body heat to be lost faster. Wear waterproof insulated boots.
  • Stay covered: Wear a hat and gloves! At least half your body heat is lost if your head is not covered.
  • Dress in layers: Trapped air between layers helps to insulate. In extreme weather, people should wear three-plus layers on their torso, including one insulating layer and an outer layer to keep out the wind, along with a warm hat, face mask, gloves, water proof boots and two-plus layers covering the legs.

The weather service shares that wind chill is the air temperature equivalent in calm wind, which would result in heat loss equal to the temperature and wind together. Body heat loss can cause frostbite and/or hypothermia.

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