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I am A Lot Like Mom Olive Slye Reminisces

Mom was right. Then again, mother was always right even -- she’d be the first to say -- even when her kids often believe she’s wrong or just doesn’t understand. Well, the jokes on them because more often than not, many of those former children now found themselves saying and doing things dear ol’ mom used to, much to their amazement or chagrin. “I was blessed with a wonderful mom -- just ask the kids in the neighborhood where I grew up. She was an excellent teacher, both in word and deed. One of the important truths she taught me was to be thankful -- both to people and to God,” Olive Slye said of her mother Esther Horsager. As Americans celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 13, moms from the Brainerd lakes area recall what made their moms great and what pearls of wisdom were passed on from them. “When we received a gift, it didn't take long for mother to say, ‘You better write a thank-you note’ and we did! It was so engraved in me that -- at 83 years of age --I still must do it when I receive a gift,” Slye said. “I insisted on our children doing the same thing, sometimes under protest.”