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Brainerd Warrior Girls Basketball

The key: Grand Rapids’ Heaven Hamling sank two free throws with 1.2 seconds remaining Overall: Brd 6-4, GR 9-3 Next: Zimmerman at Brainerd 7:15 p.m. Friday. A second-half defensive lapse probably denied the Brainerd Warriors an opportunity to upset a team that had appeared in the last two Class 3A state tournaments. Brainerd maintained a comfortable 10-point edge three minutes into the second half against Grand Rapids, but the Thunderhawks stormed back and eked out a 62-60 non-conference victory Tuesday at Brainerd High School. Although the Warriors led four times by one point after Rapids went on an 11-point run, the outcome boiled down to the final seconds. With the teams tied at 60, and 1:17 remaining, the Thunderhawks held the ball until they were called for a charging foul with 20 seconds left.