Track and Field: Patriots sweep Tigers in dual meets

Pequot Lakes Track and Field

PR-B's Ella Dahl is flanked by Sheena James, left, and Lily Labarre of Pequot Lakes in the 100-meter dash on Thursday, May 27. Dan Determan / Echo Journal

Caleb Davis, Charles Schiessl and Cruz Megazzini won multiple events to help the Patriot Lakes Patriot boys defeat the Pine River-Backus Tigers 121-25 in a rare track and field dual meet Thursday, May 27.

Davis was the top finisher in the 100 dash and the long jump while Schiessl finished first in the 200 dash and 110 hurdles and Megazinni was a winner for the 400 run and the triple jump.

“We had scheduled with four teams, but Perham and Nevis dropped out,” Pequot Lakes coach Dave Guenther said. “So we hosted a dual meet with Pine River-Backus. We needed to run a meet since our times had to be turned in for the virtual (Class A) state team meet. It was a challenge, with the cold weather and having just two teams competing, to have the guys run some faster times. But they did the best they could and I’m proud of them pushing themselves as well as they did.”


The Patriots also won three relay events - the 4x200 of Alex Kreisel, Alex Stienke, Paxton Goddard and Jaiden Biley; the 4x400 of Davis, Vinny Sposito, Issak Geroy and Megazzini; and the 4x800 of Dawsin Akerman, Geroy, Jesse Clausen and Ethan Johnson. Other Pequot Lakes winners were Ackerman in the 800, Clausen in the 1600, Johnson in the 3200, Logan Hill in the 300 hurdles, Garrett Griffin in the shot put and Tyler Hidde in the discus.

For the Tigers, Kyosuke Marcum took the top spot for the high jump, Jordan Tisdell won the pole vault and PR-B’s 4x100 relay of Kyosuke Marcum, Caleg Ruhl, Jake Mills and Jacob Schnoor also triumphed.

In the girls’ competition, Joselyn Rinio, Carly Chaney and Allison Gladen each won two events as Pequot Lakes defeated the Tigers 114-23. Rinio captured the 100-meter dash and pole vault, Carly Chaney took the top spot in the 400 and 3200 run and Gladen was victorious in the 100 and 300 hurdles.

Other Patriot winners were Ashley Slaybaugh in the 200, Calia Chaney in the 800, Isabel Larson in the high jump, Reese Laposky in the long jump, Sydnie Wgeishofski in the triple jump and Brittany Joyce in the shot put. Ella Dahl of PR-B took first in the 1,600 run while teammate Claire Dahl was first in the discus event.

The Patriots swept all four relay events - the 4x100 of Julia Keiffer, Ella Kratochviil, Sonja Palmer and Rinio; 4x200 of Keiffer, Veronica Broskovetz, Larson and Rinio; 4x400 of Borkovetz, Larson, Gladen and Calia Chaney; and the 4x800 of Broskovetz, Natalie Blank, Carly Chaney and Calia Chaney.

“The girls had a strong showing at their last home meet,” said Pequot Lakes girls coach Jeff Brever. “We had a great showing to prepare ourselves for our Subsection (6A) meet.”

Both teams will compete at the subsection meet Thursday, June 3, at Long Prairie.


Boys team scores: Pequot Lakes 121, Pine River-Backus 25

Top individual results:

100: 1-Caleb Davis (PL) 12.02, 2-Kyosuke Marcum (PR-B) 12.16, 3-Vinny Sposito (PL) 12.18

200: 1-Charles Schiessl (PL) 24.59, 2-Sposito (PL) 24.64, 3-Jordan Tisdell (PR-B) 26.46

400: 1-Cruz Megazzini (PL) 55.24, 2-Davis (PL) 56.48, 3-Rider Schultz (PL) 1:07.24

800: 1-Dawsin Ackerman (PL) 2:11.95, 2-Isaak Geroy (PL) 2:13.39, 3-Steve Maschoff (PL) 2:27.93


1600: 1-Jesse Clausen (PL) 4:49.9, 2-Eli Hall (PL) 4:52.97, 3-Jacob Schnoor (PR-B) 5:14.23

3200: 1-Ethan Johnson (PL) 9:59.35, 2-Hall (PL) 10:09.43, 3-Nathan Nations (PR-B) 11:25.67

100 hurdles: 1-Schiessl (PL) 17.56, 2-Logan Hill (PL) 18.04, 3-Paxton Goddard (PL) 20.48

300 hurdles: 1-Hill (PL) 45.73, 2-Schiessl (PL) 46.38, 3-Goddard (PL) 48.39

4x100: 1-Pine River-Backus (Marcum, Caleg Ruhl, Jake Mills, Jacob Schnoor) 49.15, 2-Pequot Lakes (Logan Haberman, Bryce Fabian, Alex Kreisel, Alex Hannahs) 49.33

4x200: 1-Pequot Lakes (Kreisel, Alex Stienke, Goddard, Jaiden Biley) 1:44.03

4x400: 1-Pequot Lakes (Davis, Sposito, Geroy, Megazzini) 3:44.53

4x800: 1-Pequot Lakes (Akerman, Geroy, Clausen, Ethan Johnson) 8:31.94, 2-Pine River-Backus (Nations, Andrew Bueckers, Jordan Tisdell and Schnoor) 9:36.27


High jump: 1-Marcum (PR-B) 5-10, 2-Megazzini (PL) 5-10, 3-Hannahs (PL) 5-4

Pole vault: 1-Tisdell (PR-B) 8-6, 2-Kalan Larson (PL) 8-0, 3-Fabian (PL) 7-6

Long jump: 1-Davis (PL) 17-9.5, 2-Sposito (PL) 16-11, 3-Wyatt Balmer (PL) 16-8.25

Triple jump: 1-Megazzini (PL) 39-11.5, 2-Marcum (PR-B) 37-2.75, 3-Balmer (PL) 34-6.5

Shot put: 1-Garrett Griffin (PL) 45-9, 2-Lucas Ganley (PL) 42-2, 3-Hannahs (PL) 39-10

Discus: 1-Tyler Hidde (PL) 118-6, 2-Griffin (PL) 118-3, 3-Jake Mills (PR-B) 116-1

Girls team scores: Pequot Lakes 114, Pine River-Backus 23


Top individual results:

100: 1-Joselyn Rinio (PL) 13.36, 2-Julia Keiffer (PL) 14.02, 3-Sydnie Wgeishofski (PL) 14.28

200: 1-Ashley Slaybaugh (PL) 29.24, 2-Wgeishofski (PL) 29.30, 3-Georgi Thompson (PL) 30.28

400: 1-Carly Chaney (PL) 1:05.8, 2-Carlie Eggert (PL) 1:08.05, 3-Allyson Yahn (PL) 1:09.34

800: 1-Calia Chaney (PL) 2:22.12, 2-Claire Dahl (PR-B) 2:40.61, 3-Alaura Dahl (PR-B) 2:52.2

1600: 1-Ella Dahl (PR-B) 6:30.32,

3200: 1-Carly Chaney (PL) 11:55.94

100 hurdles: 1-Allison Gladen (PL) 19.81, 2-Reese Laposky (PL) 19.83, 3-Sheena James (PL) 21.77


300 hurdles: 1-Gladen (PL) 53.63, 2-Laposky (PL) 1:01.74

4x100: 1-Pequot Lakes (Keiffer, Ella Kratochviil, Sonja Palmer, Rinio) 55.71

4x200: 1-Pequot Lakes (Keiffer, Veronica Broskovetz, Isabel Larson, Rinio) 1:53.84

4x400: 1-Pequot Lakes (Broskovetz, Larson, Gladen, Calia Chaney) 4:19.33

4x800: 1-Pequot Lakes (Broskovetz, Natalie Blank, Carly Chaney, Calia Chaney) 10:07.82

High jump: 1-Larson (PL) 4-10, 2-Alaura Dahl (PR-B) 4-8, 3-Kratochvil (PL) 4-4

Pole vault: 1-Rinio (PL) 9-0, 2-Claire Dahl (PR-B) 8-6, 3-Erika English (PL) 7-6

Long jump: 1-Laposky (PL) 14-10, 2-Broskovetz (PL) 14-4.5, 3-Wgeishofski (PL) 14-3.75

Triple jump: 1-Wgeishofski (PL) 31-10.75, 2-Laposky 30-8, 3-Alaura Dahl (PR-B) 29-9.75

Shot put: 1-Brittany Joyce (PL) 28-11, 2-Amelia Davis (PL) 28-8, 3-Claire Dahl (PR-B) 26-3

Discus: 1-Claire Dahl (PR-B) 81-9.5, 2-Joyce (PL) 71-6, 3-Camryn Good (PR-B) 70-9

060221.PEJ.Track4 - copy.jpg
Pequot Lakes' Logan Hill, left, and Charles Schiessl finished first and second respectively in both the 110 and 300 hurdles on Thursday, May 27. Dan Determan / Echo Journal

060221.PEJ.Track4 - copy.jpg
Pequot Lakes' Logan Hill, left, and Charles Schiessl finished first and second respectively in both the 110 and 300 hurdles on Thursday, May 27. Dan Determan / Echo Journal

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