Track and Field: 29 Patriots advance to sections

Pequot Lakes Track and Field

The Patriot track teams pose with their sub-section title trophies Thursday, June 3. Submitted Photo

The Pequot Lakes Patriots boys and girls combined to win 17 events as both squads finished first at the Subsection 6A track and field meet Thursday, June 3, in Long Prairie. A total of 15 girls and 14 boys will represent Pequot Lakes at the Section 6A meet as the top five individuals and top two relays advanced.

The Patriot boys finished with 171 points while Staples-Motley was second with 102. Pine River-Backus tied for fifth with 34.

Event winners for Pequot Lakes included: Cruz Magazzini, the 400-meter dash and high jump; Charles Schiessel, 110 hurdles; Logan Hill, 300 hurdles; Dawsin Ackerman, 800 run; and Garett Griffin, shot put. The Patriots also won the 4x400 relay (Caleb Davis, Vinny Sposito, Issak Geroy and Magazzini) and the 4x800 (Ackerman, Geroy, Jesse Clausen and Ethan Johnson). Johnson was runner up in the 3,200 while Lucas Ganley was second in both the shot put and discus.

“Our boys and girls both had outstanding evenings in the warm weather,” Pequot Lakes boys coach Dave Guenther said. “Some of our athletes have had quite a year, and they continue to improve at each higher level of competition. The next goal is making it to state.”

Top finishers for the PR-B boys were Finn O’Dell, second, and Jordan Tisdell, third in the pole vault, and Kyosuke Marcum, third in the high jump.


In the girls’ meet, the Patriots were first with 135.5 while Staples-Motley was second with 88. The Tigers were seventh with 19. Pequot Lakes’ Joselyn Rinio captured the 100 dash and pole vault, Calia Chaney won the 1,600, Carly Chaney won the 3,200 and Lydia Hubbard won the high jump. The Patriots also won all four relay events - Julia Keiffer, Ella Kratochvil, Sonja Palmer and Rinio in the 4x100; Keiffer, Veronica Broskovetz, Isabel Larson and Rinio in the 4x200; Broskovetz, Larson, Lydia Hubbard and Calia Chaney in the 4x400; and Broskovetz, Hubbard, Carly and Calia Chaney in the 4x800.

“Our girls had some great performances winning nine of 18 events and sweeping the relays,” Pequot Lakes coach Jeff Brever said. “Joselyn Rinio turned in top performances by winning the pole vault, 100, and anchoring the 4x100, and 4x200 relays. The heat was a factor in the distance events, yet Calia Chaney won the 1600, and Carly Chaney came away with the win in the 3200.”

Finishing second for Pequot Lakes was Lydia Hubbard, 400; Alison Gladen, 300 hurdles; and Sydnie Wgeishofski, triple jump. PR-B’s Claire Dahl was second in the pole vault and third in the discus.

The Section 6A meet is scheduled for Thursday, June 10, in Fergus Falls.

Boys team scores: Pequot Lakes 171, Staples-Motley 102, Pillager 91, Melrose 49, Pine River-Backus and Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale 34, Long Prairie/Grey Eagle 29, Upsala/Swanville 25, Browerville 23

Individual results:


100: 1-Quintin Laveau (Pill) 11.44, 4-Kyosuke Marcum (PR-B) 11.88, 8-Caleb Davis (PL) 12.21, 9-Vinny Sposito (PL) 12.27, 10-Alex Kriesel (PL) 12.3, 13-Hunter Norman (PR-B) 12.84, 14-Caleb Ruhl (PR-B) 12.88

200: 1-Laveau (Pil) 23.26, 6-Vinny Sposito (PL) 24.53, 11-Charles Schiessl (PL) 25.99, 14-Finn O’Dell (PR-B) 26.59, 15-Norman (PR-B) 26.63, 16-Jordan Tisdell (PR-B) 27.84, 17-Garrett Wichner (PL) 27.97

400: 1-Cruz Megazzini (PL) 52.39, 4-Davis (PL) 55.78, 8-Levi Barnes (PL) 59.74

800: 1-Dawsin Ackerman (PL) 2:07.99, 6-Issak Geroy (PL) 2:20.93, 8-Steve Maschhoff (PL) 2:24.8

1600: 1-Emmet Anderson (S-M) 4:38.49, 2-Jesse Clausen (PL) 4:49.51, 4-Eli Hall (PL) 4:50.87, 7-Jacob Schnoor (PR-B) 5:13.74, 9-Maschhoff (PL) 5:27.31, 12-Andrew Bueckers (PR-B) 5:32.34

3200: 1-Emmet Anderson (S-M) 9:46.22, 2-Ethan Johnson (PL) 10:12.97, 3-Hall (PL) 10:56.47, 9-Nathan Nations (PR-B) 12:41.36

110 hurdles: 1-Schiessl (PL) 17.23, 3-Logan Hill (PL) 17.5, 8-Paxton Goddard (PL) 19.27

300 hurdles: 1-Hill (PL) 43.86, 3-Schiessl (PL) 45.14, 7-Goddard (PL) 47.19


4x100: 1-Staples-Motley 45.48, 4-Pequot Lakes (Alex Steinke, Bryce Fabian, Kriesel, Alex Hannahs) 48.39

4x200: 1-Pillager 1:35.91, 4-Pequot Lakes (Kriesel, Steinke, Goddard, Jaiden Benzick) 1:42.84

4x400: 1-Pequot Lakes (Davis, Sposito, Geroy, Megazzini) 3:41.12

4x800: 1-Pequot Lakes (Ackerman, Geroy, Clausen, Johnson) 8:29.61

High jump: 1-Megazzini (PL) 5-10, 3-Kyosuke Marcum (PR-B) 5-8, 6-Hannahs (PL) 5-2, 7-Geroy (PL) 5-0

Pole vault: 1-Josh Brinkman (Mel) 13-0, 2-O’Dell (PR-B) 10-0, 3-Tisdell (PR-B) 9-0, 4-Fabian (PL) 9-0, 8-Schiessl (PL) 8-0, 10-Kalan Larson (PL) 7-6

Long jump: 1-Laveau (Pil) 20-4.5, 6-Davis (PL) 17-8.5, 12-Wyatt Balmer (PL) 16-4.5, 14-Sposito (PL) 15.11.5, 16-Norman (PR-B) 15-7.25, 17-Ruhl (PR-B) 15-7, 20-Bueckers (PR-B) 15-2

Triple jump: 1-Joe Nedoroscik (Brow) 39-4, 2-Megazzini (PL) 39-1.25, 4-Marcum (PR-B) 38-1.5, 8-Balmer (PL) 36-7, 13-Bueckers (PR-B) 32-6, 15-Jack Carr (PL) 31-9


Shot put: 1-Garett Griffin (PL) 43-11.75, 2-Lucas Ganley (PL) 42-4.75, 4-Hannahs (PL) 38-2.75, 9-Jake Mills (PR-B) 35-1.5, 17-Logan Carlson (PR-B) 29-2, 19-Trey Tuchtenhagen (PR-B) 25-3.5

Discus: 1-Zach Macheel (Pil) 121-1, 2-Ganley (PL) 117-94, 4-Griffin (PL) 112-5, 6-Tyler Hidde (PL) 109-1, 7-Jake Mills (PR-B) 106-8, 16-Carlson (PR-B) 76-8, 20-Tuchtenhagen (PR-B) 67-1

Girls team scores: Pequot Lakes 135.5, Staples-Motley 88, Pillager and Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale 80, Long Prairie/Grey Eagle 61, Melrose 53.5, Upsala/Swanville 29, Pine River-Backus 19, Browerville 8

Individual results:

100: 1-Joselyn Rinio (PL) 13.34, 8-Julia Keiffer (PL) 14.15, 12-Lilly LaBare (PL) 14.66, 13-Callie Norman (PR-B) 14.73, 20-Eila Dahl (PR-B) 15.71, 22-Abby Blunston (PR-B) 15.83

200: 1-Olivia Peterson (U-S) 28.22, 8-Ashley Slaybaugh (PL) 28.87, 11-Georgi Thompson (PL) 29.77, 17-Brooklyn Diederich (PL) 33.6


400: 1-Aften Robinson (S-M) 1:01.53, 2-Lydia Hubbard (PL) 1:03.17, 3-Natalie Blank (PL) 1:03.39, 6-Ashley Crawford (PR-B) 1:07.02, 10-Allyson Yahn (PL) 1:09.14

800: 1-Caroline Kuehne (LP/GE) 2:28.30, 8-Blank (PL) 2:53.12, 9-Lilix Gustafson (PL) 2:53.55

1600: 1-Calia Chaney (PL) 5:14.3, 7-Ella Dahl (PR-B) 6:25.99, 9-Emma Flaws (PL) 6:33.47

3200: 1-Carly Chaney (PL) 12:02.03

100 hurdles: 1-Jessa Kimman (Pill) 16.24, 6-Alison Gladen (PL) 18.74, 13-Reese Laposky (PL) 20.12, 17-Sheena James (PL) 21.96, 19-Abby Brunston (PR-B) 22.63

300 hurdles: 1-Kimman (Pil) 48.99, 2-Gladen (PL) 51.41, 15-Laposky (PL) 1:01.71, 19-Sheena James (PL) 1:03.65

4x100: 1-Pequot Lakes (Keiffer, Ella Kratochvil, Sonja Palmer, Rinio) 52.95

4x200: 1-Pequot Lakes (Keiffer, Veronica Broskovetz, Isabel Larson, Rinio) 1:50.76


4x400: 1-Pequot Lakes (Broskovetz, Larson, Hubbard, Calia Chaney) 4:13.45

4x800: 1-Pequot Lakes (Broskovetz, Hubbard, Carly Chaney, Calia Chaney) 9:55.83

High jump: 1-Hubbard (PL) 5-0, 4-Larson (PL) 4-8, 6-Alaura Dahl (PL) 4-6, 10-Kratochvil (PL) 4-2

Pole vault: 1-Rinio (PL) 9-0, 2-Claire Dahl (PR-B) 8-6, 6-Erika English (PL) 7-0, 9-Audrey Jobe (PL) 6-6

Long jump: 1-Kimman (Pil) 15-1, 4-Sydnie Wgeishofski (PL) 14-0.5, 5-Laposky (PL) 13-11.5, 6-Alaura Dahl (PR-B) 13-11, 8-Kratochvil (PL) 13-6.25, 13-Ashley Crawford (PR-B) 12-5.75, 21-Ella Dahl (PR-B) 11-2.5

Triple jump: 1-Isabelle Jaenicke (Mel) 33-2.75, 2-Wgeishofski (PL) 32-2.25, 5-Alaura Dahl (PR-B) 31-3.5, 6-Laposky (PL) 31-1, 11-Carlie Eggert (PL) 29-0.75, 18-Ella Dahl (PR-B) 27-0, 19-Callie Norman (PR-B) 26-10.25

Shot put: 1-Natalie Enright (Mel) 31-9.25, 5-Brittany Joyce (PL) 29-0, 6-Kayla Joyce (PL) 28-1, 7-Amelia Davis (PL) 28-8, 12-Claire Dahl (PR-B) 26-2.25, 18-Camryn Good (PR-B) 22-9.75, 21-Abby Blunston (PR-B) 22-0

Discus: 1-Dreamer Saltzman (B-H) 100-3, 3-Claire Dahl (PR-B) 93-1, 9-Good (PR-B) 76-1, 13-Davis (PL) 68-11, 14-Brittany Joyce (PL) 67-0, 17-Abby Blunston (PR-B) 64-4, 20-Maria Bance (PL) 61-11

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