Track and Field: Dahls win events for Tiger track

Alaura Dahl was first in the long jump, while Claire Dahl won the discus

060122.PEJ.PRBTrack1 Alaura Dahl.jpg
Pine River-Backus' Alaura Dahl finished first overall in the high jump in the West Subsection 6-1A meet on Thursday, May 26, 2022, in Pillager.
Dan Determan / Echo Journal

PILLAGER — Pine River-Backus’ Alaura Dahl won the long jump and Claire Dahl won the discus in the West Subsection 6-1A meet on Thursday, May 26, in Pillager.

Alaura Dahl also finished third in the high jump at the event.

On the boys’ side, 4x100 relay team of Caleb Ruhl, Jake Mills, Hunter Norman and Robert Bueckers finished fourth overall, 49.00

Jacob Schnoor and Jake Mills finished fifth in the 1600-meter race and the discus, respectively.

The top six individuals and top three relays advance to the Section 6-1A.


Boys team scores: 1 Perham 140, 2-Pillager 101, 3-Wadena-Deer Creek 83, 4-Staples-Motley 82, 5-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 79, 6-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 59, 7-Frazee 56, 8-United North Central 43, 9-Browerville 32, 10-Pine River-Backus 24

110 hurdles: 1-Brady Domier (WDC) 16.36, 4-Tim Moyer (Pillager) 17.50, 8-Kobe Schultz (Pillager) 20.03

300 hurdles: 1-Tim Moyer (Pillager) 45.54, 4-Noah Larson (SM) 48.71, 7-Tayton Lehmann (WDC) 51.10, 8-Kobe Schultz (Pillager) 51.89

100 dash: 1-Remington Converse (SM) 11.51, 4-Quintin Laveay (Pillager) 11.75, 5-Corey Hansen (SM) 12.06, 7-Austin Weite (SM) 12.37

200 dash: 1-Remington Converse (SM) 23.19, 3-Bryce Hutchinson (Pill) 23.77, 4-Quintin Laveau (Pill) 23.78, 5-Corey Hansen (SM) 24.10, 8-Charlie Bushinger (WDC) 24.65

400 dash: 1-Matthew Pugsley (WDC) 52.26, 2-Zion Loucks (Pillager) 53.07, 3-Sivert Klefsaas (SM) 53.70, 6-Grant Johnson (SM) 55.87, Dawson Weinhandl (Pillager) 56.33

800 run: 1-Jacob McCleary (Perham) 1:57.02, 6-Jacob Schnoor (PRB) 2:08.80, 8-Bjorn Brunsberg (WDC) 2:11.30

1600 run: 1-Jacob McCleary (Perham) 4:23.43, 3-Bjorn Brunsberg (WDC) 4:51.05, 4-Issiah Tabatt (SM) 4:51.97, 5-Jacob Schnoor (PRB) 4:52.26, 8-Luke Brownell (SM) 5:01.71

3200 run: 1-Bjorn Anderson (Perham) 10:17.41, 3-Issiah Tabatt (SM) 10:42.80, 4-Logan Robben (SM) 10:44.44, 7-Lane Hoefs (WDC) 10:46.13, 8-Dillon Robben (SM) 11:32.48

4x100 relay: 1-Pillager (Bryson Kriegl, DJ Reynolds, Brayton Kriegl, Bryce Hutchinson) 45.32, 2-WDC (Matthew Pugsley, Charlie Bushinger, D’Andre Hammond, Brady Domier) 45.59, 4-PRB (Caleb Ruhl, Jake Mills, Hunter Norman, Robert Bueckers) 49.00

4x200 relay: 1-Pillager (Quintin Laveau, Brayton Kriegl, Zion Loucks, Bryce Hutchinson) 1:32.63, 2-WDC (Matthew Pugsley, Brady Domier, Charlie Bushinger, Lyrik Haug) 1:35.09,

4x400 relay: 1-Perham 3:32.80, 4-Pillager (Brayton Kriegel, Dawson Weinhandl, Jakeb Jooge, Zion Loucks) 3:42.59, 6-Wadena-Deer Creek (MJ Lunde, Bjorn Brunsberg, Lane Hoefs, Grant Nelson) 3:48.67, 7-Pine River-Backus (Jacob Schnoor, Tate Norman, Jordan Tisdell, Elijah Schneider) 3:56.66

4x800 relay: 1-Perham 8:32.92, 3-SM (Grant Johnson, Luke Brownell, Odin Trif, Logan Robben) 9:09.08, 5-Pillager (Dawson Weinhandl, Chris Bock, Tyson Decker, Jakeb Hooge) 9:34.32, 7-WDC (Grant Nelson, Nate Heppner, Isaac Heppner, Eric Malone) 9:59.30, 8-PRB (Andrew Bueckers, Elijah Schneider, Josiah Sechser, Dalton Minion) 10:03.4

Shot put: 1-Connor Kostynick (Perham) 47-11.25, 6-Asher Schull (Pil) 26=8.5, 7-Abe Posner (Pil) 35-0.5

Discus: 1-Kostynick 153-5, 3-Posner 112-8, 4-Zach Macheel (Pil) 111-1, 5-Jake Mills (PRB) 108-9, 7-Robert Bueckers 102-4

Long jump: 1-Connor Korvela (UNC) 21-0.5, 2-Quintin Laveau (Pil) 20-3.5, 5-Lyrik Haug (WDC) 19-6, 7-D’Andre Hammond (WDC) 19-2

Triple jump: 1-Joe Nedoroscik (Browerville) 41-8, 5-Zion Loucks (Pil) 37-8, 7-Sawyer Ferdon (SM) 37-2

High jump: 1-Hunter Miller (SM) 6-0, 3-Haug 5-10, 7-Avandre Brandt (SM) 5-6

Pole vault: 1-Brady Domier (WDC) 14-9, 2-Charlie Bushinger (WDC) 12-6, 6-Jordan Tisdell (PRB) 10-0, 7-Miach Moyer (Pil) 9-6

Girls team scores: 1-Perham 134, 2-Frazee 116, T3-Wadena-Deer Creek 82, T3-Staples-Motley 3, 5-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 78, 6-Pillager 56, 7-Pine River-Backus 48, 8-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, 9-United North Central 25, 10-New York Mills 20, 11-Browerville 14

100 hurdles: 1-Rylee Moore (Frz) 16.05, 3-Jessa Kimman (Pil) 16.25

300 hurdles: 1-Jessa Kimman (Pil) 48.05, 2-Nathalie Hahne (SM) 50.34, 5-Violette Metz (Pil) 51.84, 7-Jayce Kobliska (SM) 53.00, 8-Madison Packer (WDC) 53.11

100 dash: 1-Hailey Selly (Frz) 13.78, 2-Nathalie Hahne (SM) 13.98, 3-Olivia Stanley (BHV) 14.02, 6-Layla Sharp (WDC) 14.16

200 dash: 1-Brynn Larson (Frz) 28.26, 4-Lydia Oldakowski (WDC) 29.26, 8-Marian Williams (Pgr) 29.60

400 dash: 1-Amber Collins (WDC) 1:01.61, 2-Aften Robinson (SM) 1:02.46, 7-Elsie Turner (Pil) 1:06.25, 8-Emma Schmitz (WDC) 1:06.24

800 run: 1-Ashley Robben (SM) 2:25.71, 4-Amber Collins (WDC) 2:29.58, 6-Britta Sweeney (WDC) 2:30.45,

1600 run: 1-Caroline Kuehne (LPGE) 5:24.55, 3-Lindy Cordes (Pil) 5:48.33, 4-Audrey Brownell (SM) 5:52.79, 8-Sophie Schlosser (SM) 6:04.95

3200 run: 1-Caroline Kuehne (LPGE) 11:37.49, 2-Kyanna Burton (SM) 11:39.61, 4-Avalee Brown (SM) 12:34.04, 7-Naila Mikhaeil (SM) 12:51.01

4x100 relay: 1-Perham 53.63; 2-Pine River-Backus (Claire Dahl, Ella Dahl, Ashley Crawford, Alaura Dahl) 53.77; 3-Wadena-Deer Creek (Madison Packer, Lydia Oldakowski, Kylee Collins, Layla Sharp) 53.88; 4-Pillager (Grace Conklin, Violette Metz, Marian Williams, Jess Kimman) 54.95;

4x200 relay: 1-Frazee 1:51.02; 4-Wadena-Deer Creek (Charlie Snyder, Lydia Oldakowski, Kylee Collins, Madison Packer) 1:56.27; 5-Pillager (Libbie Lorentz, Sienna Houle, Alayna Kavanaugh, Malaney LaVeau) 1:59.61; 6-Staples-Motley (Camden Anderson, 2-Bailey Weiland, 3-Jayce Kobliska, 4-Corrine Olson) 2:01.63; 7-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale (Julia Allen, Aubrey Hess, Michaela Barthel, Makenzee Sales) 2:03.74; 8-Pine River-Backus (Kelsey Bergem, River Crawford, Callie Norman, Mara Adams) 2:08.90

4x400 relay: 1-Frazee 4:12.37, 4-Staples-Motley (Hahne, Robinson, Robben, Brownell) 4:16.94, 5-Wadena-Deer Creek (Sweeney, Schmitz, Domier, Pavek) 4:30.62, 6-Pillager (Turner, Lorentz, Adams, Cordes) 4:32.70

4x800 relay: 1- Staples-Motley (Ashley Robben, Aften Robinson, Kyanna Burton, Audrey Brownell) 10:03.53; 2-Wadena-Deer Creek (Ally Pavek, Johanna Brunsberg, Britta Sweeney, Amber Collins) 10:10.25; 4-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale (Olivia Stanley, Leza Dean, Mia Arroyo, Kendra Miller) 10:24.58; 5-Pillager (Zoe Adams, Alainna Dobson, Elsie Turner, Lindy Cordes) 10:41.93

Shot put: 1-Kylie Elmes (LPGE) 33-9, 4-Ellie Hale (WDC) 31-1.5, 5-Gracie Arm (WDC) 30-8.5

Discus: 1-Claire Dahl (PRB) 104-10, 3-Lauryn Gravelle (WDC) 99-1, 4-Madysen Hull (SM) 95-0, 5-Hale 92-3, 6-Abby Blunston (PRB) 92-0

Long jump: 1-Alaura Dahl (PRB) 16-0.75, 2-Kimman 15-3.25, 5-Ella Dahl (PRB) 15-1.25, 6-Nathalie Hahne (SM) 14-11

Triple jump: 1-Jaden Hackel (Perham) 34-11, 5-Isabelle Larson (WDC) 33-7.5, 7-Ella Dahl (PRB) 32-11.25

High jump: 1-Rylee Moore (F) 5-4, 3-Alaura Dahl (PRB) 4-10, 8-Larson 4-6,

Pole vault: 1-Natalie Rooney (Per) 10-0, 4-Isabelle Larson (WDC) 9-0, 5-Claire Dahl (PRB) 9-0, 6-Tahlia Craft (Pil) 8-6, 7-Kylee Collins (WDC) 8-6

Next: Section 6-1A Finals at Pelican Rapids Thursday, June 2.

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