Patriot girls 1st, boys 2nd at TDS meet

The Pequot Lakes girls finished first while the Patriots boys were second at the TDS Invitational track and field meet on Friday, May 15, in Pequot Lakes.

Pequot Lakes' Olivia Lane leads the 800 field at the TDS Invitational track and field meet on Friday, May 15, in Pequot Lakes. Lane set a school record in winning the event. Submitted photo
Pequot Lakes' Olivia Lane leads the 800 field at the TDS Invitational track and field meet on Friday, May 15, in Pequot Lakes. Lane set a school record in winning the event. Submitted photo

The Pequot Lakes girls finished first while the Patriots boys were second at the TDS Invitational track and field meet on Friday, May 15, in Pequot Lakes.

The Patriots won eight girls' event titles to finish with 200 points and edge runner-up Little Falls with 194. Among the wins were eighth grader Olivia Lane, who broke a school record from 1981 in winning the 800-meter run in 2:21.74. Other victories were Chloe Bermel, 100 dash; Ashley Kosloski, 100 hurdles; Jackie Brine-Doyle, 3,200 run; Brittny Bzdok, long jump, the 4x100 relay of Bzdok, Mirjana Ganley, Grace McGuire and Bermel; and the 4x400 relay of Bzdok, McGuire, Lane and Bermel.

"It is so much fun to compete on our own track because it's such a nice facility," Pequot Lakes girls' coach Jana Lueck said. "Plus winning the meet gives us great confidence going into the subsection meet as we gear up to defend our title.

"It was also to our advantage to have Pelican Rapids at our (TDS) meet. We have not seen them at all this season, and they will be a stiff competitor at our section meet."

Megan Porta won the discus for Pine River-Backus, which finished fourth in the standings.


In boys' competition, Little Falls finished with 183 points, followed by the Patriots with 148 and PR-B with 130.

Event winners for Pequot Lakes were Reid Pierzinski, the 110 hurdles and triple jump; Hunter Goerges, 300 hurdles; and the 4x400 relay of Pierzinski, Ben Nelson, Cody Huss and Dillon Nichols. The Patriots' Tyler Bestgen tied with Pequot Lakes' Jordan Oaks and C-I's Daniel Hudrlik for first in the high jump.

"We had some performance marks that we needed from individuals so we have a clear choice on where we want our athletes to perform at subsections," said Pequot Lakes boys' coach Dave Guenther. "We're a young team, but I expect to see the performances come through (at the Subsection 6A meet in Pillager on May 21)."

Henry Krecklau finished first in the 200 dash and long jump for PR-B. The Tigers' 4x200 relay of Dillon Silcox, Bestgen, Chri sHaman and Krecklau, and the 4x800 relay of Konrad Bueckers, Justin Potz, Luke Downie and T.J. Lukanen also triumphed.

"We had a good meet," said PR-B coach Tom Demars, whose team will also compete at the subsection meet starting at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 21, in Pillager. "All six of our relay teams posted their best times for the year."

Boys team scores: 1-Little Falls 183, 2-Pequot Lakes 148.5, 3-Pine River-Backus 130, 4-Crosby-Ironton 97.5, 5-Pelican Rapids 89

110 hurdles: 1-Reid Pierzinski (PL) 16.3

300 hurdles: 1-Hunter Goerges (PL) 46.05; 3-Nate Wosmek (PRB) 48.52; 5-Joe Najjar (PL) 55.64


100 dash: 2-Chris Haman (PRB) 11.96; 6-Jeremiah Dischinger (PL) 12.16; 8-Ben Stevens (PL) 12.24; 9-Cody Huss (PL) 12.25; 13-Blake Lane (PL) 12.74; 14-Austin Young (PL) 12.77; 15-Joe Kieffer (PL) 12.84; 20-William Moe (PL) 13.32

200 dash: 1-Henry Krecklau (PRB) 23.24, 2-Tyler Bestgen (PRB) 24.07; 3-CJ Borleis (PL) 24.73; 7-Ben Nelson (PL) 24.96; 10-Kieiffer (PL) 26.05; 11-Stevens (PL) 26.59; 14-Moe (PL) 27.71; 18-Josh Sweeney (PRB) 29.35

400 dash: 2-Reid Pierzinski (PL) 53.34; 3-Dillon Nichols (PL) 54.82; 4-Dillon Silcox (PRB) 55.6; 10-Luke Downie (PRB) 56.92; 11-Dalton Engholm (PL) 57.4

800 run: 5-Cam Boller (PL) 2:12.5; 6-Konrad Bueckers (PRB) 2:13.10; 7-Levi Palmer (PL) 2:13.65; 9-Marty Fitzer (PL) 2:22.78; 11-Justin Potz (PRB) 2:27.11; 12-Russell Pierzinski (PL) 2:27.16; 13-Josh Sechser (PRB) 2:28.54; 14-Austin Anderson (PL) 2:29.08; 16-Isaac Krecklau (PRB) 2:31.13

1,600 run: 6-Jacob Tschida (PL) 4:59.45; 8-Isaac Krecklau (PRB) 5:13.22; 10-Marty Fitzer (PL) 5:16.53; 12-Josh Sescher (PRB) 5:31.19; 13-Austin Anderson (PL) 5:34.43

3,200 run: 4-Tony Fitzer (PL) 10:42.37; 5-TJ Lukanen (PRB) 10:57.76; 8-Luke Downie (PRB) 11:12.05; 10-Russell Pierzinski (PL) 11:34.35; 11-Troy Fetter (PRB) 12:56.85

4x100 relay: 2-Pequot Lakes (Borleis, Huss, Nelson, Dischinger) 46.47; 3-PR-B (Bestgen, Anthony Pederson, Silcox, Haman) 47.05

4x200 relay: 1-Pine River-Backus (Silcox, Bestgen, Haman, Henry Krecklau) 1:34.98, 3-Pequot Lakes (Austin Young, Lane, Kieffer, Borleis) 1:39.56


4x400 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Reid Pierzinski, Nelson, Huss, Nichols) 3:34.63; 3-Pequot Lakes (Palmer, Tschida, Tony Fitzer, Dalton Engholm) 3:51.05; 5-PR-B (Bueckers, Sechser, Pederson, Nate Wosmek) 4:05.99

4x800 relay: 1-Pine River-Backus (Bueckers, Justin Potz, Luke Downie, Lukanen) 8:54.57, 2-Pequot Lakes (Boller, Tschida,Tony Fitzer, Nichols) 9:00.12

Long jump: 1-Henry Krecklau (PRB) 20-1; 4-Borleis (PL) 18-9.5; 5-Nelson (PL) 17-9; 9-Stevens (PL) 16-6; 10-Potz (PRB) 16-5.75; 11-Goerges (PL) 16-4.75; 13-Nate Wosmek (PRB) 16-0

Triple jump: 1-Reid Pierzinski (PL) 39-11, 2-Henry Krecklau (PRB) 39-3; 4-Buckers (PRB) 37-1; 5-Dischinger (PL) 36-10; 7-Goerges (PL) 35-1; 9-Stevens (PL) 34-11.5; 14-Troy Fetter (PRB) 29-11

High jump: 1(tie)-Bestgen (PRB) and Jordan Oaks (PL) 5-8; 4-Pederson (PRB) 5-6; 5-Lukanen (PRB) 5-4; 6-Goerges (PL) 5-2

Pole vault: 4-Addisone Harrington (PRB) 9-0; 6-Palmer (PL) and Josh Sweeney (PRB) 8-6; 8-Jayden Benzick (PL) 7-6

Shot put; 5-Jon Bocklund (PL) 41-4; 9-Ben Remington (PRB) 35-11; 11-Chris Foster (PL) 33-7; 12-Haiden Rothwell (PL) 32-9.5; 13-Jack White (PL) 31-5.5; 15-Dalton Engholm (PL) 30-11

Discus: 3-Pederson (PRB) 128-0; 5-Bocklund (PL) 111-9; 8-White (PL) 107-0; 10-Engholm (PL) 98-7; 12-Rothwell (PL) 92-2; 13-Remington (PRB) 91-6; 14-Foster (PL) 90-1

Girls team scores: 1-Pequot Lakes 200, 2-Little Falls 194, Pelican Rapids 139, 4-Pine River-Backus 60, 5-Crosby-Ironton 51, 6-Cass Lake-Bena 1

100 hurdles: 1-Ashley Kosloski (PL) 17.09; 3-Karli Skog (PL) 17.84; 6-Taina Williams (PRB) 20.37

300 hurdles: 2-Kosloski (PL) 52.41

100 dash: 1-Chloe Bermel (PL) 13.02, 2-Brittny Bzdok (PL) 13.05; 4-Williams (PRB) 13.93; 7-Mariana Ganley (PL) 14.18; 14-Mariah Friberg (PL) 14.98; 16-Gabby Rainwater (PRB) 15.17; 18-Sky Kukuk (PRB) 15.21

200 dash: 11-Candyce Spielman (PL) 29.96; 12-Kari Skog (PL) 30.41; 18-Gretta Norton (PRB) 34.13

400 dash: 5-Chelsea Skluzacek (PL) 1:08.5; 6-Mackenzie Chiodi (PL) 1:09.06; 8-Emma Templeton (PRB) 1:12.93

800 run: 1-Olivia Lane (PL) 2:21.74; 5-Janah Hall (PL) 2:29.91; 6-Kristin Skog (PL) 2:30.17; 7-Mackenzi Nelson (PL) 2:30.52; 8-Caitie Ryan (PL) 2:31.89; 14-Rachel Friberg (PL) 3:00.96; 16-Emma Templeton (PRB) 3:02.09

1,600 run: 6-Elsa Headlee (PL) 6:19.81; 7-Abby Person (PL) 6:26.04; 10-Rachel Friberg (PL) 6:34.17

3200 run: 1-Jackie Brine-Doyle (PL) 12:20.77, 2-Jannah Hall (PL) 12:53.51; 3-SIdney Lodge (PRB) 13:45.79; 4-Emma Pitzl (PL) 14:13.32; 5-Alexandra Hoopman (PRB) 14:26.57

4x100 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Brittny Bzdok, Mirjana Ganley, Grace McGuire, Bermel) 51.11; 3-PR-B (Megan Porta, Williams, Kukuk, Rainwater) 56.36

4x200 relay: 3-Pequot Lakes (McGuire, Spielman, Skluzacek, Ganley) 1:53.02

4x400 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Bzdok, McGuire, Lane, Bermel) 4:10.77

4x800 relay: 2-Pequot Lakes (Ryan, Elsa Headlee, Skluzacek, Lyndsey Johnson)

11:02.78; 3-PR-B (Shayna Moore, Emma Templeton, Hoopman, Lodge) 11:45.37

High jump: 1-(tie)Britt Kratochvil (PL) and Lyndsey Johnson (PL) 4-8; 9-Hoopman (PRB) 4-0

Pole vault: 2-Alyssa Golden (PL) 8-6; 6-Nelson (PL) 7-0

Shot put: 2-Porta (PRB) 35-3.75; 4-Desera Engholm (PL) 31-7; 5-Debra Mitchell (PL) 31-2.25; 7-Brianna Anick (PL) 29-9.25; 16-Bailee Roggenkamp (PL) 21-6

Discus: 1-Porta (PRB) 123-6, 2-Brianna Anick (PL) 109-2; 3-Engholm (PL) 107-4; 7-Mitchell (PL) 87-7: 12-Johnson (PL) 72-1; 14-Rainwater (PRB) 70-0; 15-Templeton (PRB) 68-9

Long jump: 1-Bzdok (PL) 15-6.5; 4-Porta (PRB) 14-3; 9-Shayna Moore (PRB) 12-11.25

Triple jump: 3-Ganley (PL) 29-5; 7-Moore (PRB) 28-9.5; 8-Lodge (PRB) 28-4; 9-Golden (PL) 27-9.5

Pole vault: 2-Golden (PL) 8-6

Patriot girls 1st, boys 2nd

Lane won the 800 run and joined with Bzdok, Bermel and McGuire on the winning 4x400 relay as the Patriots finished second in the girls' standings at the Mid-State Conference meet on Tuesday, May 12, in Detroit Lakes.

The Lakers won the team title with 215.5 points while the Patriots were second with 124.

The Pequot Lakes boys also placed second behind Detroit Lakes. Event winners for the Patriots were Jeremiah Dischinger in the 100 dash, and the 4x400 relay of Reid Pierzinski, Ben Nelson, Cody Huss and Dillon Nichols.

"Overall, it was a nice performance by our boys," Guenther said. "Reid (Pierzinski) did well in the triple jump, Jerr (Dischinger) looked strong in the relays and open 100 and Tony (Fitzer) had a great night in the 1,600 and 3,200 our 4x400 team is looking stronger every time out. And Jordan Oaks is coming off an injury and did well in the high jump, along with Hunter Goerges."

Guenther added that his squad had a "setback with Chase Blaeser in the pole vault, and (the injury) kept him from performing in the 110 hurdles and the 4x100." The coach added that Ben Nelson and CJ Borleis helped the Patriots gain points in the long jump while "our throwers are turning in nice performances with Jon Bocklund, and a young crew filing in like Jack White, Haiden Rothwell and Chris Foster."

Boys team scores: 1-Detroit Lakes 210, 2-Pequot Lakes 113, 3-Wadena-Deer Creek 78, 4-Park Rapids 75, 5-Staples-Motley 44, 6-Crosby-Ironton 33

110 hurdles: 2-Reid Pierzinski (PL) 16.80

300 hurdles: 3-Hunter Goerges (PL) 46.11, 9-Joe Najjar (PL) 57.45

100 dash: 1-Jeremiah Dischinger (PL) 11.98, 5-Ben Nelson (PL) 12.08, 11-Austin Young (PL) 12.63

200 dash: 4-Nelson (PL) 34.71, 5-Cody Huss (PL) 24.76, 10-Blake Lane (PL) 25.35

400 dash: 5-Reid Pierzinski (PL) 54.14, 7-Dillon Nichols (PL) 55.21, 11-Dalton Engholm (PL) 57.53

800 run: 5-Cam Boller (PL) 2:16.49, 8-Marty Fitzer (PL) 2:22.0, 10-Austin Anderson (PL) 2:25.57

1600 run: 4-Tony Fitzer (PL) 4:58.80, 6-Jacob Tschida (PL) 5:04.09, 10-Anderson (PL) 5:33.08

3200 run: 3-Fitzer (PL) 10:47.55, 7-Russ Pierzinski (PL) 11:33.16; 8-Marty Fitzer (PL) 11:40.05

4x100 relay: 3-Pequot Lakes (Austin Young, Cody Huss, CJ Borleis, Dischinger) 46.44

4x200 relay: 4-Pequot Lakes (Dischinger, Lane, Young, Borleis) 1:38.93

4x400 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Reid Pierzinski, Nelson, Huss, Nichols) 3:35.51

4x800 relay: 2-Pequot Lakes (Boller, Tschida, Levi Palmer, Nichols) 9:05.86

High jump: 3-Jordan Oaks (PL) 5-8, 4-Goerges (PL) 5-2, 8-Nichols (PL) 5-0

Pole vault: 8-Palmer (PL), Addison Harrington (PL) 8-0

Shot put: 6-Jon Bocklund (PL) 41-2, 12-Jack White (PL) 33-3

Discus: 7-Bocklund (PL) 109-3, 9-White (PL) 102-3, 11-Haiden Rothwell (PL) 91-9

Long jump: 2-Nelson (PL) 19-5, 4-Borleis (PL) 18-6, 8-Goerges (PL) 17-4

Triple jump: 2-Reid Pierzinski (PL) 41-2.5, 5-Dischinger (PL) 37-5.5, 7-Goerges (PL) 35-6.5

Girls team scores: 1-Detroit Lakes 215.5, 2-Pequot Lakes 124, 3-Park Rapids 91.5, 4-Staples-Motley 59, 5-Wadena-Deer Creek 40, 6-Crosby-Ironton 27

100 hurdles: 4-Ashley Kosloski (PL) 17.73, 9-Karli Skog (PL) 18.71

300 hurdles: 7-Karli Skog (PL) 55.57

100 dash: 2-Chloe Bermel (PL) 13.35, 3-Brittny Bzdok (PL) 13.4, 8-Mariana Ganley (PL) 14.4

200 dash: 2-Bermel (PL) 26.89, 3-Bzdok (PL) 27.07; 9-Candyce Spielman (PL) 29.86

400 dash: 5-Grace McGuire (PL) 1;03.54, 6-Chelsea Skluzacek (PL) 1:07.28, 9-Mackenzie Chiodi (PL) 1:09.02

800 run: 1-Olivia Lane (PL) 2:23.87, 2-Caitie Ryan (PL) 2:29.87, 4-Jannah Hall (PL) 2:39.63

1600 run: 3-Hall (PL) 5:38.26, 9-Elsa Headlee (PL) 6:00.99, 12-Rachel Friberg (PL) 6:38.64

3200 run: 2-Jackie Brine-Doyle (PL) 12:22.79, 5-Georgina Garai (PL) 12:56.12, 9-Emma Pitzl (PL) 13.50.37

4x100 relay: 3-Pequot Lakes (Mariah Friberg, Lane, Mackenzi Nelson, Ganley) 55.55

4x200 relay: 3-Pequot Lakes (Spielman, Karli Skog, Skluzacek, Ganley) 1:57.45

4x400 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Bzdok, Bermel, McGuire, Lane) 4:13.08

4x800 relay: 2-Pequot Lakes (Brine-Doyle, Ryan, Kristin Skog, Nelson) 10:22.86

High jump: 4-Britt Kratochvil (PL) 4-8, 5-Lyndsey Johnson (PL) 4-8

Pole vault: 7-Alyssa Golden (PL) 8-0, 10-Nelson (PL) 6-0

Shot put: 5-Desera Engholm (PL) 32-5.5, 6-Debra Mitchell (PL) 32-0.5, 9-Brianna Anick (PL) 28-10

Discus: 2-Engholm (PL) 111-2.5, 5-Anick (PL) 99-10, 9-Mitchell (PL) 85-11

Long jump: 5-Bzdok (PL) 15-0.5, 7-Bermel (PL) 14-9

Triple jump: 7-Golden (PL) 30-1, 9-Ganley (PL) 29-4.5, 10-Pitzl (PL) 29-1.5

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