With just one week left in the points racing portion of the season, two classes are still undecided after the completion of racing Saturday, August 17, at North Central Speedway.

Jake Hagemann scored a feature win in the Sportmod class and will take a 14-point lead over Jacob Jordan to next weeks’ Season Championship night.

Billy Kendall III took home his third trophy of the season in the Modified feature and Aaron Johnson and Shawn Fletcher finished in second and third place. Johnson holds an 18-point lead over Fletcher in the points race.

Sport Compact driver Trista Pankratz has competed in the class for several years with steady improvement in her finishes, but no feature win to show for it. That changed Saturday as she took the checkered flag for her first career win in the Sport Compact class.

The circumstances were unlikely as Zachery Schreder, who has two wins this season, was running out front for 11 laps before experiencing car issues with less than two laps to go. Pankratz was in second behind Schreder for those 11 laps. She took advantage of the opportunity and held off Zach Besmehn to get the win.

Robert Young Jr. is a former track champion who has been away from the track for the last couple of years with Cameron Young taking the wheel in the 22JR car. Young Jr. was back behind the wheel Saturday and finished first in front of points leader Tim Gonska in the feature race.

Jamie Flickinger ran to his second win of the season in the Mod 4 class with Jamie Lenarz finishing second and Adam Prieve third. Prieve, who will win his first NCS points championship next week and is also the national IMCA leader in points, recovered after being sent to the back of the field midway through the race to finish third.

Dylan Nelson, Travis Roush, Tim Gonska all hold commanding points lead in their class heading into the Saturday, Aug. 24, final.

IMCA Sport Compacts:
Feature: 1-Trista Pankratz, 2-Zach Besmehn, 3-Kaleb Ruikka
Heat 1: 1-Zachery Schreder, 2-Trista Pankratz, 3-Kaleb Ruikka
Heat 2: 1-Zach Besmehn, 2-Harry Ruikka, 3-Alyssa Nelson

IMCA Hobby Stocks:
Feature: 1-Robert Young, 2-Tim Gonska, 3-Adam Goff
Heat 1: 1-Chad Visser, 2-Tim Gonska, 3-Robert Young

Wissota Mod 4s:
Feature: 1-Jamie Flickinger, 2-Jamie Lenarz, 3-Adam Prieve
Heat 1: 1-Forrest Foster, 2-Dean Shaver, 3-Jess Geesey
Heat 2: 1-Gerrald Nohner, 2-Adam Prieve, 3-Jamie Flickinger

IMCA Sportmods
Feature: 1-Jake Hagemann, 2-Max Nelson, 3-Todd Rizer
Heat 1: 1-Tom Anderson, 2-Todd Rizer, 3-Jake Hagemann

Wissota Super Stock
Feature: 1-Jordan Henkemeyer, 2-Devin Fouquette, 3-Tim Johnson
Heat 1: 1-Austin Niemeyer, 2-Dylan Nelson, 3-Chad Fouquette
Heat 2: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Devin Fouquette, 3-Jordan Henkemeyer

IMCA Modifieds:
Feature: 1-Billy Kendall III, 2-Aaron Johnson, 3-Shawn Fletcher
Heat 1: 1-Billy Kendall III, 2-Tim Johnson, 3-Shawn Fletcher