Crosswoods Men's League

Tuesday, May 28

Game of the Day: 3-2-1 Variable Best Ball

First Place - Sunrise: Dale Edlefson, Ray Elie, Don Rother, Al Olson

First Place - Sunset: Jim Fraser, Gary Schroeder, Bill Herrick, Ken Olsen

Second Place - Sunrise: Dick Sletten, Darryl Thorvilson, Lee Parkin, Jerry Bourassa

Second Place - Sunset: Casey McChesney, Keith Knutson, Gene Lovro, Gene Guthmueller

Closest to Pin Awards: Doug Yeager, Keith Knutson, Dick Sletten

Longest Putt Awards: Mic Tchida, Ernie Byerly

Individual Low Net: Sunrise: Al Olson (29)

Individual Low Net: Sunset: Dean Tenny (29)

Player of the Day: Mic Tchida (62)

Low Gross: Ray Elie (82)

Thursday, May 30

Game of the Day: 3 balls on par 3's and 4's and 2 balls on par 5's

First Place - High Noon: Jack Larson, Dick Sletten, Howard Hornibrook, Mike Mooney

First Place - Sunrise: Rick Hammer, Bill Herrick, Darryl Thorvilson, Jim Mateyka

Second Place - High Noon: Don Miller, BD (Ken Olsen), Palmer Sorenson, Bucky Berg

Second Place - Sunrise: Bick Blackman, BD (Dave Branum), Barney Moormann, Ray Elie

Closest to Pin Awards: Steve Larkin, Mike Slind, Dick Sletten

Longest Putt Awards: Neil Smith, Jack Larson

Individual Low Net: High Noon: Ernie Byerly (32)

Individual Low Net - Sunrise: Chuck Hamilton (31)

Player of the Day: Dave Branum (63)

Low Gross: Gary Norman (76)

Whitefish Women's 9-Hole League

Wednesday, May 29

Game of the Day: Best Ball Low Net

First place: Kristie Roedl, Barbie Swenson, Susan Beilfuss, Carla Younce (25)

Second place: Sally Egan, Rhonda Swanson, Kathy Strampe, Sally Baumgartner (29)

Third place: Karen Lobben, Clarise Skalman, Claudia Zellmer and Delores Rubald (30)

Individual low net: Kristie Roedl (34)

Chip-ins: Carol Lovro, No. 18; Bev Ogren, No. 14.

Whitefish Women's 18-Hole League

First place:Anita Stensby, Kathy Coombs, Dawn Wiebusch, Jane Guild (116)

Second place: Barb Hanson, Maxine Riches, Myra Faust, Judy Eastwood (117)

Third place: Cathy Munger, Joan Kantos, Betsy Otteson, Nancy Einan (120)

Low net: Nancy Einan (58)

Birdies: Pat Kline, No. 8, No. 12, No. 14; Barb Hanson No. 6; Anita Stensby No. 17; Nancy McEnroe, No. 1; Mimi Swanson, No. 4; Debbie Enger, No. 9

Chip-ins: Joan Kantos, No. 17; Nancy McEnroe, No. 1; Pat Kline, No. 12; Jane Guild, No. 12.

Whitefish Men's League

Event: 2-3-4 Team Event

First Place Team: Darrell Swanson, Don Zakeer, Rocky Wilske, Mike Milbrath

Second Place Team: Keith Bettes, Arlen Stensby, John Pollock, Mike Carnahan

Third Place Team: Tom McGrath, Jerry Moore, Jim Ruenhorst, Dean Brandt

Fourth Place Team: Terry Stansfield, Marv Bjugan, Steve Holubar, Fred Skog

Closest to Pin Hole No. 17: Rocky Wilske

Longest Putt Hole No. 18: Sam Kantos

Longest Putt Hole No. 9: Gary Amundson

Closest To Pin Hole No. 7: David Keeling

Breezy Point Ladies League

Thursday, May 30

Game of the Day: Lucky Seven

Flight 1

First place: Connie Weber (25)

Second place (tie): Connie Colon, Michelle Buttweiler (26)

High: Barb Owens

Flight 2

First place: Sylvia Schmitt (23)

Second place: Kathy McTague (24)

Third place: Polly Aumock (25)

High (tie): Martha Polsfuss, Verna Miller

Flight 3

First place (tie): Joan Burnett, Judy Jenson, Janie Pommer (25)

High: Kathy Emerton

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men's League

The league starts at 9am through the month of May, arrive by 8:30 to sign up and play.

First place: Tim Donnay, Ernie Morreim, Jim Wick, and Mike Thurk

Second place: Roger Brekken, Pat O'Conner, Tom Walker, and Jon Williams

Third Place: Jack Schuller, Clayton Peltier, and Ron Germann

Fourth Place: Don Atwater, Charlie Peterson, Al Schewe, and Bob Elliott

Closest to the Pin No. 1: Scott Balthazor

Closest to the Pin No. 3: Paul Jensen

Longest Putt: Ron Germann

Tuesday Morning Men's League: Back 9 Scramble

First place: Gary Majewski, Jim Wick, Tim Donnay, and Jon Williams

Second place: Gary Nelson, Larry Wickstrom, Bill Wroblewski, and Charlie Peterson

Third place: Keith Walker, Paul Jensen, Al Schewe, and Jack Schuller

Wednesday Evening Women's League

Play of the Day: Low Score: Odd Holes

Winners: Mikie Walker, Barb Heck, Mac Curtis, and Kathy Ecklund

Birdies: Mikie Walker

Chip-ins: Chris Wilmar, Holes No. 2 and No. 8

Thursday Morning Women's League

Play of the Day: First on the Green, No. 5

Winners: Mikie Walker, Kathy Ecklund

Birdies: Gloria Meidinger No. 1

Chip-ins: Marlene Miller No. 5