Crosswoods Mens League

Tuesday, May 7

Game of the Day: 3 best balls of 4

First place - Sunrise: Rich Yeager, Jack Krasky, Gary Villella, Ken Olsen

First place - Sunset: Dave Branum, Greg Jorvig, Gene Lovro, Jim Mateyka

Second place - Sunrise: Dick Sletten, Jim Ritter, Dave Schrupp, Gary Norman (Blind Draw)

Second place - Sunset: Dick Sletten, Jim Ritter, Dave Schrupp, Gary Norman (Blind Draw)

Closest to Pin: Gene Guthmueller, Gary Norman

Longest Putt: Dick Sletten, Lenny Ray

Individual Low Net - Sunrise: Jack Krasky (30)

Individual Low Net - Sunset: David Branum (28)

Player of the Day: Gordy Wagner (60)

Low Gross Round: Gary Norman (70)

Thursday, May 9

Game of the Day: Cha-Cha-Cha

First place - Sunset: Jim Fraser, Jeff Helland, Gordy Wagner, Gary Villella

First place - High Noon: Jim Ritter, Steve Sandberg, Dave Oleson, Jerry Bourassa

Second place - Sunset: Daryl Thorvilson, John Thorvilson, Greg Pobuda, Gene Ronning

Second place - High Noon: John Pribyl, Jay Wiltrout, Barney Moormann, Palmer Sorensen

Closest to Pin: Jay Wiltrout, Jeff Helland

Longest Putt: Jeff Helland, Gordy Wagner

Individual Low Net - Sunset: Ken Olsen (29)

Individual Low Net - High Noon: Jim Ritter (33)

Player of the Day: Overall Low Net: Jim Ritter (65)

Low Gross: Steve Sandberg (83)

Crosswoods Womens League

Monday, May 6

Game: Team Low Net, 16 Holes

First place: Tracy Nelson, Michelle Kohler, Lila Kersey

Second place: Bonnie Coffey, Cheryl Fraser

Third place: Renee Aden, Beryl Roe, Cathi Nelson

Birdies: Tracy Nelson, No. 9 Sunset

Low net: Lila Kersey

Low gross: Tracy Nelson

Whitefish Womens Nine-Hole League

League play canceled due to rain

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men's League

First place: Jerry Hagel, Scott Balthazor, Ernie Morreim, and Mike Thurk

Second place: Mike Oelrich, Pat O'Conner, Jack Anderson and Gordy Holmgren

Third place: Don Atwater, Gary Nelson, Clayton Peltier, and Tom Walker

Closest to the pin No. 1: Tim Donnay

Closest to the pin No. 3: Clayton Peltier

Closest to the pin No. 9: Jerry Hagel

Tuesday Morning Men's League - Back 9 Scramble

First place: Don Atwater, Gary Nelson, Tim Donnay, and Don Rodi

Second place: Keith Walker, David Purgett, Craig Larson, and Mike Oelrich


Reverend Timothy B. Vaughan of St. Francis aced hole No. 4 at the Maddens Social 9 (123 yards) on Tuesday, May 14. He was using a 7 iron.