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Golf results - Aug. 30, 2018

Members of the Whitefish Womens Leagues. (Click image to view entire photo.) Submitted.

Crosswoods Mens League

Tuesday, Aug. 21

Day 1 of a four-day tournament

(Best two net scores of four)

Flight A leader: Dale Federer

Flight B leader: Chet Herrboldt

Flight C leader: Jeff Helland

Flight D leader: Gary Klatt

Flight E leader: Rich Yeager

Closest to pin: John Jensen, Tom Wolke (twice),Terry Nygaard, Gary Klatt

Longest putt: Dave Halfpap, Larry Koenig, Don Miller

Low gross: Chet Herrboldt (77)

Thursday, Aug. 23

Day 2 of a four-day tournament

Flight A leader: Jack Larson

Flight B leader: Chet Herrboldt

Flight C leader: Jeff Helland

Flight D leader: Earl Vanhorn

Flight E leader: Gary Chesner

Closest to pin: Dave Barnes, Gary Villella, Chet Herrboldt, Ken Olsen, Bob Borne

Longest putt: Bob Jones, Don Rother, Ed Kellogg

Low gross: Jack Larson, Jim Fraser (76)

Whitefish Womens 18-hole and 9-hole Leagues

Thursday Aug. 23

Both leagues came together to enjoy an afternoon of golf, dinner and to support a charity (Mid-MN Women's Center). Personal care and household items which were donated were then presented along with a check in the amount of $1,282.

Step-aside Scramble Game

First place: Barb Rowe, Clarise Skalman, Cheryl Stansfield, Cathy Munger

Second place: Vicki Dypwick, Mary Erickson, Helen McGrath, Pam Musielewicz

Closest to the pin: Vicki Dypwick, 9-hole league; Cathy Munger, 18-hole league

Longest drive: Karen Lobben, 9-hole league; Paula Guliford, 18-hole league

Breezy Point Ladies League

Thursday, Aug. 23

Game of the day: Lucky 7

Flight 1

First place: Sue Skinner (25)

Second place: Gloria Thomas (28)

Flight 2

First place: Connie Colon (25)

Second place: Sue Marsolais (26)

Third place: Martha Polsfuss (27)

Fourth place (tie): Judy Thomas, Joi Brandt (28)

Flight 3

First place: Sylvia Schmitt (24)

Second place: Polly Aumock (26)

Third place: Bunny Oseland (28)

Breezy Point Mens League

Wednesday, Aug. 22

Team Results

Hack Attack 14.0, Billy's 1 6.0, Double Trouble 14.0, Mulligans 6.0, Patriots 12.0, Farnsworth/Andersen 8.0, JJ's Pub 12.0, Billy's 3 8.0, W.B.D. 11.0, Dockside 9.0, L.A. Lawn Service 10.5, Verkennes/Burgoyone 9.5, Old School 10.5, Billy's 2 9.5, Billy's 4 5.5, Ghost 0.0.

Team Standings

Billy's 1 143.0, Billy's 3 143.0, Old School 136.5, Billy's 2 136.0, L.A. Lawn Services 135.5, W.B.D. 130.0, Billy's 4 130.0, Patriots 128.5, Double Trouble 128.0, Verkennes/Burgoyne 127.5, Dockside 126.5, Farnsworth/Andersen 126.0, JJ's Pub 123.0, Hack Attack 122.5, Mulligans 121.5.

Individual Results

Low Gross: Tom Aumock 38, Mick McBrien 38, Paul Sasse 38, Gregg Johnson 39.

Low Net: Tom Aumock 30, Paul Sasse 30, David Dahlquiust 31, Paul Houle 31, Gregg Johnson 31, Mick McBrien 31.

Skins: Gregg Johnson 1, Jim Jasper 3, Mike Bajczyk 5.

Longest putt: Bill Hartl 1, Gene Berry 5, Tom Aumock 9.

Emily Greens Leagues

Week of August 20

Tuesday Morning Men's League

First place: Jerry Hagel, Don Atwater, Roger Brekken, and Charlie Peterson

Second place: Larry Wickstrom, Tom Walker, Ron Germann, and Gary Majewski

Third place: Tim Donnay, Gary Nelson, Mike Oelrich, and Ernie Morreim

Fourth place: Scott Balthazor, Bill Waddell, Cy Kruse, and Doug Wilmar

Closest to the pin: Ron Germann No. 1, Tim Donnay No. 3, Jack Anderson No. 9

Long putt: Larry Wickstrom

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First place: Scott Balthazar, Bill Boyd, and Ernie Morreim

Second place: Keith Walker, Pat O'Conner, Jerry Hagel, and John Harris

Third place: Gary Majewski, Mike Oelrich, Bill Wroblewski, and Larry Borgman

Tuesday Evening Men's Match Play League

Closest to the pin: Terry Blexrud, No. 15

Longest putt: Curtis Ross, No. 13

Skins: Bill Forsyth, Terry Blexrud, Doug Harren, and John Geithman

Wednesday Morning Men's Match Play League

Closest to the pin: Jeff Northburg, No. 13

Longest putt: Larry Wickstrom, No. 18

Skins: Larry Wickstrom, Gary Majewski, Dick Hubbard