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Golf results - Aug. 23, 2018

Crosswoods Mens League

Tuesday, Aug. 14

Game of the Day:

Best 3 Balls of 4

First place — Sunset: Palmer Sorensen, Darryl Thorvilson. Gene Lovro, Bob Jones

Second place — Sunset: Dan Schlapkohl, Casey McChesney, Joe Hering, Mic Tchida

First place — High Noon: Don Merhar, Jerry Martin, Jim Wiesner, Jack Krasky

Second place — High Noon: Dave Hardie, Gary Villella, Rich Yeager, Jerry Bourassa

Closest to pin: Palmer Sorensen, Randy Kraft, Dave Oleson, Jerry Bourassa, Don Merhar

Longest putt: Dan Schlapkohl, Dave Schrupp, Gary Chesner

Individual low net — Sunset: Al Olson (28), Jim Wiesner (29)

Individual low net — High Noon: Jim Wiesner (29)

Player of the Day: Jim Wiesner (60)

Low Gross: Randy Kraft (76)

Thursday, Aug. 16

Game of the Day:

1 Ball on par 3's, 2 on par 4's, 3 on par 5's

First place Team — Sunrise: Marty Appel, Dale Federer, Dave Barnes, Jim Nelson

Second place Team — Sunrise: Dick Sletten, Dave Branum, Dave Oleson, Jerry Martin

First place Team — Sunset: Marty Appel, Dale Federer, Dave Barnes, Jim Nelson

Second place Team — Sunset: Dick Sletten, Dave Branum, Dave Oleson, Jerry Martin

Closest to Pin Awards: Bob Johnson, Dan Schlapkoh, Ken Haase, Jack Larson, John Jensen

Longest putt Awards: Ernie Byerly, Jim Nelson, Dan Berg

Individual Low Net — Sunrise: Dave Oleson (30)

Individual Low Net - Sunset: Rich Yeager (29)

Player of the Day: Rich Yeager (62)

Low Gross : Dale Federer (76)

Crosswoods Womens 18-hole League

The game of the day was Cha Cha Cha

First place: Judy Hein, Cheri Tiggelaar, Marlene Miller

Second place: Ann Schrupp, Ardis Thompson, Cincy VanHorn

Third place: Tracy Nelson, Joey Hodgson, Georgi Ashlin

Birdies: Ardis Thompson on Sunset No. 2; Marlene Miller on Sunset No. 2; Judy Hein on Sunset No. 8

Low Net: Carol Lovro on Sunrise, Cathi Nelson on Sunset

Low Gross: Judy Hein

Crosswoods Womens 9-hole League

First place: Nancy Barnes, Jan McChesney, Lila Kersey, Joan Baker

Second place: Judy Hein, Cincy VanHorn, Thelma Williams, Donna Balzer

Low Net: Thelma Williams

Low Gross: Tracy Nelson

Whitefish Womens 18-hole League

Flight 1

Low gross: Patty Kline (overall gross champion), 159

Low gross runner-up: Cathy Munger, 163

Low net: Deb Enger, 141

Flight 2

Low gross: Lori McCormick, 174

Low net: Rox Thompson, 140

Flight 3

Low gross: Susan Walstrom, 186

Low gross runner-up: Pam Musielewicz, 186

Low net: Pam Musielewicz, 144

Flight 4

Low gross: Marguerite Baker, 195

Low net: Nancy Schmidt, 153

Flight 5

Low gross: Dawn Wiebusch, 206

Low net: Darlene Bonnema, 155

Chip-ins: Mary Kay Kendall on Hole No. 1; Musielewicz on Hole No. 12; McCormick and Nancy McEnroe on Hole No. 15; and Barb Holubar on No. 16; Judy Eastwood on No. 15; Anita Stensby on No. 14.

Birdies: Day one: Munger on 10 & 11, Enger on 15, Hanson and Swanson on No. 17, Kline 11, McCormick, Stensby, Thompson on No. 9, Musielewicz on No. 12, Baker on No. 4, and Wiebusch on No. 2. Day two: Fleck on No. 8; Stensby on No. 14; Helen McGrath on No. 16; Giefer on No. 7; Dorie Kaleva on No. 6; Walstrom on No. 3; Kline on No. 10 and No. 14; Munger on No. 5, No. 10 and No. 14.

Whitefish Womens 9-hole League

League Champ with low gross: Karen Lobben

Flight 1, Low Net

First place: Julie Achterkirch

Second place: Sue Farrell, Vicki Dypwick

Flight 2, Low Net

First place: Leisha Tietz

Second place: Barb Rowe, Jane Hurinenko

Flight 3, Low Net

First place: Marilyn McKeehen

Second place: Brenda Hein, Sharon Chupurdia

Cragun's Ladies League

Dutch No. 1 long putt: Mary Lippo

Dutch No. 9 long drive: Rachel Martin

Par 3 Hole No. 1 closest to pin: Jan Weik

Par 3 Hole No. 2 long putt: Linda Sullivan

Breezy Point Ladies League

Results for Aug. 16.

Game of the day: Ryder Cup

First Flight

First place (tie): Kathy McTague and Barb Owens, 36; Sue Skinner and Verna Miller, 36

Second place: Sandy O'Day and Ruth Kluklow, 38

Second Flight

First place: Sue Marsolais and Connie Colon, 37

Second place (tie): Polly Aumock and Martha Polsfuss, 41; Joan Burnett and Bunny Oseland, 41

Third Flight

First place: Sylvia Schmitt and Judy Thomas 41

Second place: Betty Huseby and Linda Kiefner 44

Third place: Bugs Schmidt and Janie Pommer 45

Breezy Point Mens League

Team Results

Billy's 1 12.5, Billy's 4 7.5, Verkennes/Burgoyne 12.0, Dockside 8.0, Farnsworth/Andersen, 11.5 Hack Attack 8.5, Billy's 3 11.5, Patriots 8.5, Old School 11.5, W.B.D. 8.5, JJ's Pub 11.0, L.A.Lawn Services 9.0, Billy's 2 11.0, Double Trouble 9.0, Mulligans 8.0, Ghost Team 0.0

Team Standings

Blly's 1 137.0, Billy's 3 135.0, Billy's 2 126.5, Old School 126.0, L.A.Lawn Services 125.0, Billy's 4 124.5, W.B.D. 119.0, Farnsworth/Andersen 118.0, Verkennes/Burgoyne 118.0, Dockside 117.5, Patriots 116.5, Mulligans 115.5, Double Trouble 114.0, JJ's Pub 111.0, Hack Attack 108.5

Individual Results

Low Gross: Bill Hartl 41, Bill Toft 41, Don Sandberg 42, Dave Slipy 42, Dick Williams 42.

Low Net: Mark Shervey 33, Art Kosiba 34, Keith Anderson 36, Brad Burgoyne 36, Dave Slipy 36, Jim Wagner 36.

Skins: Mark Shervey 11, Mike Bajcyk 13, Dave Dahlquist 18.

Longest putt: Mark Shervey 11, Jim Jasper 14, Gene Berry 18.

Emily Greens Leagues

Week of August 13

Tuesday Morning Men's League

First place: Jack Schuller, Paul Jensen, Willis Berndt, Don Rodi

Second place: Dave Schwarze, Dick Blevins, Scott Balthazor, Gary Majewski

Third place: Roger Brekken, Craig Larson, Jim Shallman, Tom Walker

Fourth place: Mike Oelrich, Gary Nelson, Dick Hubbard, Ron Ladwig

Closest to the pin: Cy Kruse No. 1, Barry Knox No. 3, Roger Brekken No. 9

Long putt: Ron Germann

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First place: Gary Nelson, Bill Wroblewski, Jim Wick, Tom Walker

Second place: Keith Walker, Charlie Peterson, Doug Wilmar

Third place: Don Atwater, Rick Blackmon, Bill Wadell

Tuesday Evening Men's Match Play League

Closest to the pin: Jim Buchite No. 14

Longest putt: Gregg Gamble No. 10

Skins: Paul McCormick, Terry Blexrud

Wednesday Morning Men's Match Play League

Closest to the pin: Tom Walker No. 15

Longest putt: Sheldon Erdman No. 10

Skins: Larry Wickstrom, Bob Ecklund, Gary Majewski, Dick Hubbard

Thursday Morning Women's League

Week 3 of Tournament Play

Birdies: Marlene Miller No. 9


Rose Gillman of Pine River earned a hole-in-one on the 118-yard Hole No. 11 at Emily Greens. She aced the hole with a 7-wood for her second hole in one in the past three years.