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Golf Results - July 19, 2018

Crosswoods Men's League

Tuesday, July 10

First place - High Noon: Randy Kraft, Daryl Thorvilson, Chuck Dorn, Neal Bailey

First place - Sunrise: Jay WIltrout, Gary Klatt, Ed Kellogg, Neil Smith

Second place - High Noon: Steve Laak, Lenny Rau, Dave Oleson, Gene Lovro

Second place - Sunrise: Don Jacobson, Don Miller, Gene Guthmueller, Rich Yeager

Closest to the pin: Jay Wiltrout, Ken Olsen, Bill Herrick, Jay Wiltrout

Longest putt: Don Miller, Dale Stevens

Individual low net - High Noon: Ed Kellogg (30)

Individual low net - Sunrise: Neil Smith (27)

Player of the day: Neil Smith (61)

Lowest gross round: Dale Federer (81)

Crosswoods Ladies League

Monday, July 9

First place: Ardis Thompson, Beryl Roe, Georgi Ashlin

Second place: Sue Mitch, Judy Nicholas, Cincy VanHorn

Third place: Cheri Tiggelaar, Bonnie Coffey, Lila Kersey

Chip-ins: Cincy VanHorn, Sunrise No. 7

Individual low net - High Noon: Cheri Tiggelaar

Individual low net - Sunrise: Beryl Roe

Individual low gross: Tracy Nelson

Monday, July 11

First place: Sue Mitsch, Michele Kohler, Lila Kersey, Chris Boyd

Second place: Ardis Thompson, Roseann Stans, Karen Appel, Donna Blazer

Birdies: Karen Appel, Sunset No. 2; Ardis Thompson, Sunset No. 6

Cragun's Ladies League

Bobby's Legacy

Long putt on hole No. 1: Ginny Mcdonald

Closest to pin, hole No. 9: Patti Mernin

Closest to pin, hole No. 11: Kelli Johnson

Hole-in-one: Anita Travica, Bobby's No. 9 (not during league play)

Par 3 Course

Longest putt, hole No. 1: Julie Stanton

Closest to pin, hole No. 9: Wendy Shamp.

Whitefish Women's 18-hole League

Wednesday, July 11

Flight 1

First place (tiebreaker): Maxine Riches (39)

Second place (tiebreaker): Barb Hanson (39)

Third place: Deb Enger (39)

Fourth place: Rox Thompson (40)

Flight 2

First place: Kathy Coombs (39)

Second place: Nancy Schmidt (40)

Third place: Cheryl Bontrager (41)

Fourth place: Diane Giefer (43)

Flight 3

First place (tiebreaker): Dawn Wiebusch (37)

Second place: Cheryl Stansfield (37)

Third place: Ginny Sitzer (39)

Fourth place: Joi Brandt (40)

Low net: Maxine Riches, Dawn Wiebusch (66)

Birdies: Nancy Schmidt, No. 6; Maxine Riches, No. 18; Connie Weber, No. 17; Deb Enger, No. 12.

Chip-ins: Darlene Bonnema, No. 1, No. 10; Anita Stensby, No. 6; Nancy McEnroe, No. 6; Diane Giefer, No. 11; Maxine Riches, No. 18.

Whitefish Women's 9-hole League

First place: Barbie Swenson (30)

Second place: Kathy Strampe (31)

Third place: Kay Olson (31)

Birdies: Leisha Tietz, No. 4

Chip-ins: Leisha Tietz, No. 4; Sally Baumgartner, No. 9; Karen Lobben, No. 3.

Breezy Point Men's League

Team Results

Billy's 3 14.0, Double Trouble 6.0, Billy's 4 13.0, W.B.D. 7.0, Billy's 2 13.0, Mulligans 7.0, L.A. Lawn Services 12.0, Old School 8.0, JJ's Pub 11.0, Billy's 1 9.0, Farnsworth/Andersen 11.0, Dockside 9.0, Hack Attack 10.0, Verkennes/Burgoyne 10.0, Patriots 9.5, Ghost Team 0.0.

Team Standings

L.A. Lawn Services 79.5, Billy's 1 76.0, Verkennes/Burgoyne 76.0, Dockside 74.5, W. B. D. 74.0, Old School 72.5, Billy's 4 72.0, Farnsworth/Andersen 69.5, Mulligans 69.5, Billy's 3 69.0, Patriots 68.5, Billy's 2 67.5, Double Trouble 64.5, Hack Attack 63.0, JJ's Pub 58.0.

Individual Winners

Low gross: Dick Williams 34, Bill Hartl 38, Mick McBrien 39, Nolan Toft 39

Low net: Jim Jasper 30, Jon Marsolais 31, Dick Williams 32, Ted Zarembski 32

Longest putt: Mick McBrien 3, Dick Williams 5, Jim Wagner 7

Breezy Point Ladies League

Thursday, July 12

Game of the day: Beat-Your-Points

First flight: Sue Skinner, plus-2; Joi Brandt, plus-2

Second flight: Barb Owens, plus-4; Connie Weber, plus-2

Third flight: Gloria Thomas, plus-6; Sue Marsolais, plus-5; Martha Polsfuss, plus-4; Bunny Oseland, plus-2

Fourth flight: Judy Thomas, plus-7; Connie Colin, plus-3

Fifth flight: Bugs Schmidt, plus-7; Betty Huseby, plus-1

Emily Greens Leagues

Week of July 9

Tuesday Morning Men's League

First place: Jack Schuller, Jack Anderson, Jerry Hagel, Gary Bochman, Pat O'Connor

Second place: Don Atwater, Al Schewe, Bill Wroblewski, Tom Walker

Third place: Bruce Nelson, Gary Majewski, Bill Wadell, Ron Germann

Fourth place: Dick Blevins, Ernie Morreim, Gordy Holmgren, John Lemire

Closest to the pin: Gary Bochman No. 1, Tim Donnay No. 3, Bruce Nelson No. 9

Long putt: Tim Donnay

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First place: Gary Nelson, Bruce Nelson, Jerry Hagel, Tim Donnay

Second place: Scott Balthazor, Ernie Morreim, Gary Bochman, Tom Walker

Tuesday Evening Men's Match Play League

Longest putt: Gregg Gamble No. 18

Closest to the pin: Sheldon Erdman No. 12

Skins: John Geithman, Robb Pahl, Sheldon Erdman, Scott Mygeto

Wednesday Morning Men's Match Play League

Closest to the pin: Bob Ecklund No. 17

Longest putt: Dick Blevins No. 18

Skins: Jerry Hagel 2x

Wednesday Night Women's League

Play of the day: Longest Putt on Hole No. 6

Winners: Charly Richters, Pat Meyer, Becky Guida, Donna Larson

Birdies: Nancy Kruse No. 6

Chip-ins: Nancy Kruse No. 6

Thursday Morning Women's League

Play of the day: Closest To the Pin on Hole No. 7

Winners: Kathy Ecklund, Helen Silva, Barb Heck

Chip-ins: Mikie Walker No. 6


Bruce Markey shot a hole-in-one on Tuesday, July 10, on High Noon hole No. 2 (165 yards) at Crosswoods Golf Course. He used an 18-degree hybrid.