Crosswoods Men’s League

Tuesday, June 25

Game of the Day: Best 3 Balls on Par 3’s and 4’s 2 Balls on Par 5’s

First Place – Sunset: Roger Klukow, Earl Vanhorn, Jim Mateyka, Jerry Bourassa

First Place – High Noon: Randy Kraft, Dave Schrupp, Darryl Thorvilson, Tanner Kraft

Second Place – Sunset: Randy Kraft, Dave Schrupp, Darryl Thorvilson, Tanner Kraft

Second Place – High Noon: Bill Herrick, Jeff Helland, Tom Grow, Casey McChesney

Closest to Pin : Joe Hering, Jim Fraser, Joe Smith, Jim Nelson

Longest Putt : Palmer Sorensen, Jim Buchite

Individual Low Net: Sunset: Dave Halfpap (27)

Individual Low Net: High Noon: Jeff Helland (31)

Player of the Day: Jack Krasky (63)

Low Gross: Randy Kraft (77)

Thursday, June 27

Rained out

Crosswoods Women’s League

18-Hole League

Monday, June 24

First Place: Jan McChesney, Cheri Tiggelaar, Sue Mitsch

Second place: Cincy VanHorn, Renee Aden, Lila Kersey

Birdies: Tracy Nelson, Sunrise 5; Lila Kersey, Sunset 6

Low net: Tracy Nelson, Sunrise: Cheri Tiggelaar, Sunset

Low Gross: Traci Nelson

9-Hole League

Wednesday, June 26

Game: 3 Best Balls of 4

First place: Ardis Thompson, Cincy VanHorn, Vicki Nygaard, Cheryl Fraser

Second place: Jackie Tenney, Jan McChesney, Bonnie Coffey, Eileen Springer

Third Place: Ann Schrupp, Nancy Barnes, Beth Shires, Lila Kersey

Chip-ins: Ann Schrupp, Sunset 3

Birdies: Nancy Barnes, Sunset 6; Mary Larkin, Sunset 9; Vicki Nygaard, Sunset 6; Ardis Thompson, Sunset 2

Low net: Nancy Barnes

Low Gross: Nancy Barnes

Longest Putt No. 9: Nancy Barnes

Closest to the Pin No. 2: Judy Hein

Whitefish Women’s League

18-Hole League

Wednesday, June 26

Game of the Day: Red, White & Blue

First place: Cathy Munger, Pam Musielewicz, Pat McKee, Cheryl Standsfield

Second place: Debbie Enger, Joan Kantos, Cheryl Bontrager, Jane Guild

Third place: Barb Holubar, Kathy Coombs, Myra Faust, Luann Rickert

Birdies: Debbie Enger, Cathy Munger, Pat McKee, Joi Brandt

Chip-ins: Janice Dubois, Barb Holubar, Pat McKee, Pam Musielewicz, Anita Stensby

9-Hole League

Wednesday, June 26

First Place: Janice Shaffer, Kathy Keeling, Jane Kipling, Delores Rubald (61)

Second Place: Karen Lobben, Marilyn McKeehen, Barbie Swenson, Marsha Thomson (62)

Third Place: Julie Achterkirch, Connie Foster, Kathy Strampe (63)

Low net: Kathy Keeling (34)

Fewest putts: Vicki Dypwick (14)

Chip-ins: Pat Montgomery, No. 11; Janice Shaffer, No. 15

Whitefish Men’s League

Tuesday, June 25

Event: Best 2 Net Balls of Foursome To Par Net

First Place: Ron Meyer, Arlen Stensby, James McKeehen, Henry Duitsman (-31)

Second Place: Don Skalman, Jim Thompson, Bill Johander, Doug Golden (-25)

Third Place: Don Faust, Jack Heidman, Greg Lindahl, Ed Bontrager (-22)

Fourth Place: Ric Rowe, David Keeling, William Mckee, Tom Baker (-21)

Closest To Pin No. 7: Keith Bettes

Longest Putt No. 9: Paul Beilfuss

Closest to Pin No. 17: Doug Golden

Longest Putt No. 18: Mike Fogarty

Breezy Point Ladies League

Rained out

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men’s League

First place: Craig Larson, Max Stoutenburg, Bob Ecklund, and Gary Nelson

Second place: Jim Schallman, Jerry hagel and Scott Balthazor

Third place: Greg Anderson, Tim Donnay, Jerry Johnson, and Charlie Peterson

Fourth place: Keith Walker, Wayne Seiffert, Mike Thurk, and Jack Schuller

Closest to the Pin No. 1: Scott Balthazor

Closest to the Pin No. 3: Tim Donnay

Closest to the Pin No. 9: Jerry Hagel

Longest Putt: Ernie Morreim

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First Place: Scott Balthazor, Bill Waddell, Jerry Hagel, and Dick Willette

Second Place: Keith Walker, Wayne Seiffert, Jim Schallman, and Ernie Morreim

Third place: Tom Walker, Bill Wroblewski, Jon Williams, and Jack Schuller

Tuesday Evening Men’s League / Wednesday Morning Men’s League

Tuesday Markers: Randy Biittner and Scot Mygeto

Tuesday Skins: Chris Smith, Brad Koehler, and Terry Kincaid (2)

Wednesday Markers: Don Atwater and Keith Walker

Wednesday Skins: Bob Ecklund and Dick Blevins.

Wednesday Evening Women’s League

Another beautiful afternoon on the links

Play Of The Day: Total Score excluding No. 5

Winners: Marianne Auge, Beck Guida, Carol Germann, Charly Richters and Kathy Pfaff

Chip Ins: Wanda Knudson

Thursday Morning Women’s League

Plays Of The Day

Closest to the Lady on No. 4: Gloria Meidinger

Closest to the Crazy Line: Kathy Pfaff

Drawings: Elaine Slattery, Charly Righters, and Barb Schewe