Golf Results - Sept. 23, 2017

Crosswoods Men's League Tuesday, Sept. 12 First place - Sunrise: Jim Fraser, Larry Koenig, Gary Schroeder, Dave Oleson First place - Sunset: Jim Fraser, Larry Koenig, Gary Schroeder, Dave Oleson Second place - Sunrise: Rick Blackmon, Ernie Byerly...

Crosswoods Men's League

Tuesday, Sept. 12

First place - Sunrise: Jim Fraser, Larry Koenig, Gary Schroeder, Dave Oleson

First place - Sunset: Jim Fraser, Larry Koenig, Gary Schroeder, Dave Oleson

Second place - Sunrise: Rick Blackmon, Ernie Byerly, Rich Yeager, Gary Hein


Second place - Sunset: Mark Hering, Joe Hering, Jay Wiltrout, Bruce Markey

Closest to the pin: Lenny Rau, Joe Hering, Steve Larkin, Ernie Byerly

Longest putt: Dan Schlapkohl, Roger Coult

Individual low net - Sunrise: Jay Wiltrout (31)

Individual low net - Sunset: Joe Hering (27)

Player of the day: Gary Schroeder (63)

Lowest gross round: Randy Kraft (76)

Thursday: Sept. 14


First place - High Noon: John Ritter, Larry Koenig, Ken Olsen, Joe Smith

First place - Sunrise: Randy Kraft, Howie Crawford, Gary Villella, Gary Chesner

Second place - High Noon: Bob Weins, Jack Larson, Ralph Lewis, Dave Schrupp

Second place - Sunrise: Dean Tenney, Bill Herrick, Tony Leifeld, Al Olson

Closest to the pin: bob Borne, Dale Federer, Howie Crawford, Al Olson, Steve Larkin

Longest putt: Gordy Wagner, Ray Elie, Tony Coffey

Individual low net - High Noon: Jim Ritter (32)

Individual low net - Sunrise: Randy Kraft (27)


Player of the day: Randy Kraft (61)

Lowest gross round: Randy Kraft (72)

Crosswoods Women's 18-Hole League

Monday, September 11

Game of the day: Low Net.

First place: Nancy Barnes, Sue Mitsch, Judy Hein, Lila Kersey

Second place: Ann Schrupp, Sandy Melberg

Birdies: Judy Hein, Sunrise No. 7, Jackie Tenney, High Noon No. 4, Jan McChesney, High Noon No. 3, Nancy Barnes, High Noon No. 9

Chip-ins: Judy Hein, High Noon No. 4, Jackie Tenney, High NoonNo. 4, Carol Lovro, High Noon No. 1, Nancy Barnes, High Noon No. 9

Low Gross: Ann Schrupp

Tournament Results: Nine- and 18-hole Leagues

The 18-hole league played on Aug. 21 and 28 with the best score for each player chosen from two days of play on Sunrise and Sunset Courses. The nine-hole league followed the same format playing the Sunset course on Aug. 23, and 30.

Tournament Champion for the 18-hole league for 2017 was Joey Hodgson.

Tournament Champion for the nine-hole league for 2017 was Ann Schrupp.

The "Traveling Putter", an annual award given to a chosen player was given to Marlene Miller. Marlene is always ready to help with the league functions and has donated a number of gifts for the luncheons and tournaments.

Whitefish Men's League

First place: Tom Otteson, Mike Einen, Gordy Fisher and Warren Kleinsasser

Second place: Greg Jorvik, Gary Amundson, Bill McKee and Jeff Baumgardner

Third place: Jerry Moore, Bill Carlson, Bob McKee and Henry Duitsman

Closest to pin: Greg Jorvik (No. 4), Sam Kantos (No. 17)

Longest putt: Bill McKee (No. 5), Jeff Baumgardner (No. 13)

Whitefish Women's 18-hole League

Wednesday, Sept. 13

First place: Barb Holubar, Diane Giefer, and Susan Finley (124).

Second place: Helen McGrath, Pat McKee, and Carol Germann (125).

Third place (tie): Deb Enger, Rox Thompson, Ginnie Sitzer; and Maxine Riches, Cheryl Bontrager, and Connie Weber (126).

Low Net (tie): Nancy Einan and Helen McGrath (65).

Birdies: Mimi Swanson on No. 13, Cheryl Bontrager on No. 12, Rox Thompson on No. 2, McGrath on No. 4 and No. 13, and Holubar on No. 3 and No. 9.

Chip-ins: Holubar No. 3, Thompson No. 2, Connie Weber No. 3.

Whitefish Women's Nine-hole League

First place: Score 56

Team 2A - Deb Bettes, Nellie Carnahan, Delores Rubald, Kathy Strampe

Second place: Score 57

Team 2B - Kathy Brodin, Carol Lindahl, Karen Lobben, Barb Wetter

Third place: Score 58

Team 1A - Julie Achterkirch, Connie Foster, Pat Montgomery, Susan Swanson

Low net: Cathie Leiendecker Foster, Karen Lobben, Kathy Strampe (32)

Low putts: Connie Foster (14)

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men's League

First place: Larry Wickstrom, Keith Walker, and Pat O'Conner

Second place: Larry Neer, Gary Nelson and Ron Germann

Third place: Elmer Johnson, Tim Donnay, and Gordy Holmgren

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First place: Charlie Peterson, Larry Wickstrom, and Ernie Morreim

Second place: Jerry Hagel, Tim Donnay, and Craig Larson

Tuesday Evening Men's League Proxies

Closest to the pin in two: Fred Schrupp

Long putt: Randy Biittner

Skins: Kevin Hodges, Terry Kincaid, Bill Forsythe (2), and Jimmy Vanderark (2)

Wednesday Morning Men's League Final Results

First place: Dick Blevins and Bob Ecklund

Second place: Keith Walker and Jerry Hagel

Third place: Tom Walker and Ron Germann

Fourth place: Don Atwater and Jeff Northburg


Dan Faust of Baxter aced the 12th hole (par 3, 170 yards) on the Classic at Maddens Resort. He was using a 3-hybrid.

Luke Thomas of Chanhassen, aced the par-3 second hole (92 yards) at the Maddens Social 9 golf course using a 9-iron.

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