Golf League Results: Sept. 2, 2020

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Crosswoods Men’s League

Tuesday, Aug. 25

Day Three of the Men's League Tournament

Tournament leaders after Day 3

Flight A: Jim Mateyka


Flight B: Jack Krasky

Flight C: Howard Hornibrook

Flight D: Tony Coffey

Flight A – Low Gross: Jack Larson (76)

Flight B – Low Gross: Dale Edlefson (82)

Flight C – Low Gross: Al Olson (90)

Flight D – Low Gross: Tom Endres (94)

Closest to the pin: Bill Herrick, Palmer Sorensen, Steve Laak, Jim Mateyka


Longest putt: Dave Reier, Tom Gohn

Player of the Day: Tony Coffey (66)

Thursday, Aug. 27

Day Four of the Men's League Tournament

Tournament Winners by Flight

Flight A: Jim Mateyka

Flight B: Jack Krasky


Flight C: Howard Hornibrook

Flight D: Tony Coffey

Flight A – Low Gross: Bob Johnson (79)

Flight B – Low Gross: Bill Herrick (82)

Flight C – Low Gross: Dean Tenney (90)

Flight D – Low Gross: Dave Oleson (93)

Closest to the Pin: Bob Johnson, Dale Edlefson, Jay Wiltrout & Jack Krasky with hole-in-one

Longest Putt: Lenny Rau, Al Olson


Player of the Day: Neil Smith (66)

Whitefish Women’s League

Game of the Day: Mutt and Jeff (only the Par 3's and Par 5's counted)

Flight 1

First place: Anita Stensby

Second place: Cathy Munger

Third place: Kathy Coombs


Fourth place: Pat McKee

Flight 2

First place: Joan Kantos

Second place: Myra Faust

Third place: Joi Brandt

Fourth place: Cheryl Bontrager

Low net: Joan Kantos (66)

Birdies: Cathy Munger, Anita Stensby


9-Hole shootout contest

Champion: Anita Stensby

Runner-up: Cheryl Bontrager

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men’s League

First place: Bruce Nelson, Tom Walker, Bob Ecklund

Second place: Scott Balthazor, Greg Anderson, Charlie Peterson, Ron Germann

Third place:Don Rodi, Mike Oelrich, Jim Schallman, Jon Williams

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First place: Clayton Peltier, Charlie Peterson, Bill Waddell, Jon Williams

Second place: Ernie Morreim, Mike Oelrich, Keith Walker

Third place: Gordon Bobbe, Bill Dehnert, Wayne Seiffert, Jerry Hagel

Tuesday Evening Men’s League / Wednesday Morning Men’s League

Tuesday Markers: Gregg Gamble (2)

Tuesday Skins: Doug Harren, Bill Forsythe (2), Gregg Gamble, Brad Kaehler

Wednesday Markers: Pat O’Conner (2)

Wednesday Skins: Jerry Hagel (2), Don Rodi (2), Tom Walker (2)

Skins from last Wednesday: Bruce Nelson, Tom Walker

Wednesday Evening Women’s League

The ladies were met by a rain shower and did not play.


Nancy Springer of Scottsdale, Arizona, aced the par-3 Hole No. 14 (76 yards) on the Classic at Madden’s Golf Course on Aug. 22. She was using an 8-iron.

Wes Friesner of Emily aced the par-3 Hole No. 2 (132 yards) at Emily Greens on Aug. 23. He was using a 9-iron.

Tim Callan of Breezy Point aced the par-3 Hole No. 2 (132 yards) at Emily Greens on Aug. 25. He was using a 4-hybrid.

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