Golf League Results: Sept. 11, 2020

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Crosswoods Men’s League

Thursday, Sept. 3

Game of the Day: 3 Best Balls of 4

First place – High Noon: Dave Branum, Jerry Graham, Rick Hammer, Al Olson (Blind draw)

First place – Sunset: Jim Weisner, Palmer Sorensen, Barney Moorman, Tony Coffey


Second place – High Noon: Jim Ritter, Joe Hering, Jeff Helland, Don Rother

Second place – Sunset: Daryl Thorvilson, Neal Bailey, Doug Yeager, Wayne Henquinet (Blind draw)

Closest to pin: Jay Wiltrout, Bill Herrick, Bob Johnson, Daryl Thorvilson

Longest putt: Tom Gohn, Marty Appel

Low Net – High Noon: Jim Ritter (34)

Low Net – Sunset: Bob Jones (29)

Player of the Day: Al Olson (67)

Low Gross: Gary Norman (78)


Crosswoods Women’s League

Monday, Aug. 31

Game of the Day: 2 Best Balls of 3

First place: Cincy VanHorn, Jan McChesney, Michele Kohler

Second place: Tracy Nelson, JoAnne Sundem, Judy Hein

Third place: Ardis Thompson, Bonnie Coffey, Bobbie Hering

Individual Low Net: Michele Kohler


Low Gross: Tracy Nelson

Wednesday, Sept. 2

Game of the Day: 2 Best Balls of 3

First place: Judy Hein, Cheryl Tiggelaar, Nancy Meinke

Second place: Judy Nicholas, Jan McChesney, Bobbie Herring

Third place: Sue Mitsch, Cheryl Fraser, Beth Shires

Individual Low Net: Judy Nichloas


Low Gross: Cheryl Tiggelaar

Birdies: Cheryl Tiggelaar, No. 2; Bobbie Herring, No. 6

Whitefish Women’s Leagues

18-Hole League

Wednesday, Sept. 2

Game of the Day: Reverse Cha Cha Cha

First place: Nancy Einan, Pat McKee, Lori McCormick, Joi Brandt


Second place: Lisa Cline, Paula Gulliford, Anita Stensby, Teresa Nelson

Third place: Mimi Swanson, Helen McGrath, Joan Kantos

Low net: Nancy Einan (70)

Birdies: Diane Giefer, Dorie Kaleva

9-Hole League

Wednesday, Sept. 2

Game of the Day: Reverse Your Score


First place Carla Younce,

Second place (tie): Jill Otterson, Brenda Hein, Barb Rowe, Sally Baumgartner

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men’s League

First place: Pat O’Conner, Bill Waddell, Rick Blackmon, Roger Hanson

Second place: Tim Donnay, Don Atwater, Bill Wroblewski, Bruce Nelson

Third place: Mike Oelrich, Jim Schallman, Keith Walker, Ron Ladwig

Year-End Tournament Results:

First Flight

First place: Tom Walker

Second place: Scott Balthazor

Third place: Gary Nelson

Second Flight

First place: Jon Williams

Second place: Jim Shallman

Third place (tie): Jerry Hagel, Bob Ecklund

Third Flight

First place: Charlie Peterson

Second place: Roger Hanson

Third place: Bruce Nelson

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First place: Gordon Bobbe, Charlie Peterson, Wayne Seiffert, Don Rodi

Second place: Jim Wick, Jon Williams, Bill Wroblewski, Al Schewe

Third place: Scott Balthazor, Tim Donnay, Jack Schuller

Tuesday Evening Men’s League / Wednesday Morning Men’s League

Tuesday Markers: Vic Machen and Chris Olander

Tuesday Skins: Steve Smith, Jeff Steffens, Jason Schneider, Terry Kincaid, Robb Pahl, Brad Kaehler

Wednesday League

First place: Pat O’Conner, Roger Brekken

Second place: Tom Walker, Ron Germann

Wednesday Evening Women’s League

Play of the Day: Guess Your Own Score

Winners: Marianne Auge, Carol Germann, Jan Anderson, Barb Ramola

Birdies: Becky Guida

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