Golf League Results: June 5, 2020

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Crosswoods Men’s League

Tuesday, May 26

Game of the Day: 1-2-3 Variable Best Ball

First Place – Sunrise: Randy Kraft, Lenny Rau, Mic Tchida, terry Nygaard

First Place – Sunset: Bob Johnson, John Pribyl, Dave Oleson, Hank Duitsman


Second Place – Sunrise: Dale Federer, Greg Jorvig, Steve Laak, Keith Knutson

Second Place – Sunset: Randy Johnson, Dan Tenney, Don Jacobson, Don Rother

Individual Low Net – Sunrise: Mic Tchida (32)

Individual Low Net – Sunset: \u0009Gary Villella (28)

Player of the Day: Gary Villella (61)

Low Gross: Randy Kraft (73)

Hole-in-One: Randy Kraft, Sunset Hole No. 8

Thursday, May 28


Game of the Day: 2-3-4 Variable Best Ball

First Place – Sunrise: Palmer Sorenson, Tom Wolke, Don Jacobson, Jerry Graham

First Place – High Noon: Jay Wiltrout, Rick Hammer, Barney Moorman, Ken Olsen

Second Place – Sunrise: Ray Elie, Jeff Helland, Earl Vanhorn, Larry Koenig

Second Place – High Noon: Dick Sletten, Dale Edlefson, Bill Herrick, Don Miller

Individual Low Net – Sunrise: Gary Hein (33)

Individual Low Net – High Noon: Larry Koenig (32)

Player of the Day: Bob Borne (67)


Low Gross: Gary Norman (79)

Crosswoods Women’s League

Wednesday, May 27

Game of the Day: Book Ends - throw out first and last holes

First Place: Ann Schrupp, Cheryl Tiggelaar, Beryl Roe and Beth Shires

Second Place: Judy Hein, Cheryl Fraser, Vicki Nygaard and Karen Appel

Third Place: Ardis Thompson, Renee Aden, Bonnie Coffey and Michele Kohler


Low Net: Cincy Van Horn

Low Gross: Ann Schrupp

Birdies: Sue Mitsch

Whitefish Women’s Leagues

18-Hole League

Wednesday, May 27

Game of the day: Best two net scores


First Place: Cathy Munger, Kathy Coombs, Alyssa Sharpe and Virginia Sitzer

Second Place: Pat Kline, Joan Kantos, Cheryl Bontrager and Nancy Einan

Third Place: Maxine Riches, Joyce Fleck, Pat McKee and Betsy Otteson

Low Net: Cheryl Bontrager (68)

9-Hole League

Wednesday, May 27

Game of the day: Cha Cha Cha


First Place: Carol Lovro, Rhonda Swanson, Sue Moore, Marsha Thompson

Second Place: Sally Egan, Carol Holmer, Barb Rowe, Renee Sherman

Third Place: Sue Farrell, Cathie Leiendecker-Foster, Cathie Strampe, Sally Baumgartner

Low Net: Sue Farrell (31)

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