Golf League Results: June 25, 2020

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Crosswoods Men’s League

Tuesday, June 16

Game of the Day: Lone Ranger

First place – Sunrise: Bob Johnson, Jim Ritter, Tom Endres, Joe Smith

First place – Sunset: Neal Bailey, Ray Elie, Lenny Rau, Barney Moorman (Blind Draw)


Second place – Sunrise: Tom Wolke, Jeff Helland, Don Miller, Bob Hinkley

Second place – Sunset: Jay Wiltrout, John Jensen, Jim Mateyka, Palmer Sorensen

Individual Low Net – Sunrise: Lee Parkin (33)

Individual Low Net – Sunset: Marty Appel (30)

Player of the Day: Marty Appel (65)

Low Gross: Gary Norman (75)

Crosswoods Women’s Leagues


18-Hole League

Monday, June 15

Game of the Day: Against All Odds

First place: Natalie Sentz, Sue Mitsch, Cheryl Fraser

Second place: Tracy Nelson, Judy Hein, Bonnie Coffey

Third place: Cathi Nelson, ancy Barnes, Renee Aden

Low Net: Natalie Sentz

Low Gross: Tracy Nelson


Birdies – Sunrise: Judy Hein, No. 2; Sandra Melberg, No. 5

Birdies – Sunset: Natalie Sentz, No. 2; Jan McChesney, No. 2; Sue Mitsch, No. 6

Wednesday, June 17

Game of the Day: Against All Odds

First place: Tracy Nelson, Renee Aden, Lila Kersey, Thelma Williams

Second place: Ann Schrupp, Cincy VanHorn, Bonnie Coffey,

Third place: Cathi Nelson, Judy Hein, Beryl Roe, Eileen Springer


Individual Low Net - Judy Hein

Individual Low Gross - Tracy Nelson

Birdies - Tracy Nelson No. 5, Sue Mitsch No. 6

Whitefish Women’s Leagues

18-Hole League

Wednesday, June 17

Game of the day: low net


Flight 1

First place: Barb Holubar

Second place: Teresa Nelson

Third place: Barb Hanson

Flight 2

First place: Maxine Riches

Second place: Pam Musielewicz

Third place: Nancy Schmidt


Flight 3

First place: Sherrie Adam

Second place: Betsy Otteson

Third place: Virgnia Sitzer

Low net: Sherrie Adam (69)

Birdies: Patricia Kline, Sherrie Adam, Nancy McEnroe, Pat McKee

9-Hole League

Wednesday, June 17

Game of the day: Odd Balls (net only on odd-numbered holes)

First place: Pat Montgomery (17)

Second place: Darlene Bonnema (18)

Third place: Deb Bettes (18)

Fourth place: Sue Farrell (18)

Low net: Stephanie Haider (30)

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men’s League

First place: Tim Donnay, Bill Wadell, Wayne Seiffert, Gordon Bobbe

Second place: Ron Ladwig, Gary Nelson, Mike Oelrich, Craing Larson

Third place: Pat O’Conner, Scott Balthazor, Dick Blevins, Jerry Hagel

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First place: Scott Balthazor, Bill Dehnert, Roger Hanson

Second place: Keith Walker, Gary Nelson, Mike Oelrich, Al Schewe

Third place: Don Atwater, Craing Larson, Dick Blevins, Ron Ladwig

Tuesday Evening Men’s League / Wednesday Morning Men’s League

Tuesday Markers: Jimmy Vanderark

Wednesday Markers: Jerry Hagel

Wednesday Evening Women’s League

Play of the Day: Best 5-card Poker Hand

Winners: Elaine Slattery, Jan Anderson, Carol Germann, Sue Degner, Becky Guida, Marlene Brannan, Jan Jurek

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