Golf League Results: June 13, 2020

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Crosswoods Men’s League

Tuesday, June 2

Game of the Day: Lone Ranger

First place: High Noon: Gary Villella, Lee Parkin, Dale Edlefson, Dave Reier (BD)

First place: Sunset: John Pribyl, Jim Mateyka, Ed Kellogg, Bob Hinkley (BD)


Second place: High Noon: Bob Johnson, Steve Dahms, Don Jacobson, Dale Stevens

Second place: Sunset: Bill Herrick, Dave Schrupp, Howard Hornibrook, Henry Duitsman

Individual Low Net: High Noon: Jerry Graham (34)

Individual Low Net: Sunset: Henry Duitsman (30)

Player of the Day: Henry Duitsman (66)

Low Gross: Jim Fraser (77)

Thursday, June 4


Game of the Day: Team Low Net

First place: Sunrise: Dave Branum, Jack Larson, Jay Wiltrout, Bill Herrick

First place: Sunset: Tom Wolke, Bob Johnson, Larry Koenig, Terry Nygaard

Second place: Sunrise: Casey McChesney, John Pribyl, Dean Tenney, Al Olson

Second place: Sunset: Ed Kellogg, Darryl Thorvilson, Gary Villella, Gary Hein

Individual Low Net: Sunrise: Gary Villella (32)

Individual Low Net: Sunset: Randy Kraft (31)

Player of the Day: Gary Villella (67)


Low Gross: Jack Larson (74)

Crosswoods Women’s Leagues

Monday, June 1

Game of the Day: Forget the 5's

First place Team: Tracy Nelson, Ardis Thompson, Judy Hein (Blind Draw)

Second place Team: Ann Schrupp, Nancy Barnes, Cheryl Fraser

Third place Team: Bonnie Coffey, Cincy VanHorn, Renee Aden


Low Gross, 18 Holes: Tracy Nelson

Low Net - High Noon: Judy Hein

Low Net - Sunset: Cincy VanHorn

Wednesday, June 3

Game of the Day: Short & Sweet - Use 6 shortest holes

First place: Ann Schrupp, Lila Kersey, Cheryl Fraser & Nancy Meinke

Second place: Cincy Van Horn, Nancy Barnes, Renee Aden & Karen Appel


Third place: Ardis Thompson, Sandra Melberg, Vicki Nygaard & Eileen Springer

Low Net: Judy Hein

Low Gross: Judy Hein

Whitefish Women’s Leagues

18-Hole League

Game of the day:

Flight 1


First place: Deb Enger

Second place: Kathy Coombs

Third place: Nancy McEnroe

Flight 2

First place: Pat McKee

Second place: Cheryl Bontrager

Third place: Pam Musielewicz

Flight 3

First place: Marguerite Baker

Second place: Virginia Sitzer

Third place: Sandy Meyer

Low net: Pat McKee (66)

Birdies: Helen McGrath (2), Anita Stensby, Nancy McEnroe

9-Hole League

Wednesday, June 3

Game of the Day: Best Ball

First place: Julie Achterkirch, Kathy Keeling, Claudia Zellmer, blind draw (27)

Second place: Deb Bettes, Cathie Leiendecker-Foster, Sue Moore, Anita Boldt (27)

Third place: Carla Younce, Rhonda Swanson, Darlene Bonnema, blind draw (29)

Low Net: Rhonda Swanson (30)

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men’s League: 8:30 a.m.

First place: Tim Donnay, Dick Hubbard, Charlie Peterson, and John Benson

Second place: Jim Wick, Gordon Bobbe, Roger Hanson, and Wayne Seiffert

Third place: Jack Schuller, Bob Ecklund, Bill Waddell and Keith Walker

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League: 11 a.m.

First place: Bill Wroblewski, Tom Walker, Jim Schallman and Gary Nelson

Second place: Scott Balthazor, Bruce Nelson, and Wayne Seiffert

Third place: Clayton Peltier, Gordon Bobbe, Bill Waddell, and Mike Oelrich

Wednesday Evening Women’s League

Wednesday, June 3

Play Of The Day: Longest Drive in the Fairway

Winners: Marianne Auge, Mary Schreier, Elaine Slattery, Robin Purgett, and Patty Miller


Joe Trepanier of Hammond, Wisconsin, aced the par-3 Hole No. 1 (126 yards) on the Social 9 Course at Madden’s on Saturday, May 30. He was using a 9-iron.

Jared Kelley of Fargo, North Dakota, had a hole-in-one on the par-3 Hole No. 17 (136 yards) on the Classic at Madden’s Resort on Monday, June 1. He was using a pitching wedge.

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