Crosswoods Mens League

Tuesday, May 14

Game of the Day: 16 Hole Team Low Net

First Place - Sunset: Jerry Graham, Greg Jorvig, Dave Schrupp, Jack Sigstad

First Place - High Noon: Jack Larson, Barney Moormann, Jack Krasky, Tony Coffey

Second Place - Sunset: Randy Kraft, Ron Hanson, Larry Koenig, John Pribyl

Second Place - High Noon: Jerry Graham, Greg Jorvig, Dave Schrupp, Jack Sigstad

Closest to Pin: Jack Krasky, Gene Guthmueller

Longest Putt: Jack Krasky, Keith Knutson

Individual Low Net - Sunset: Darryl Thorvilson (28)

Individual Low Net - High Noon: Bill Herrick (31)

Player of the Day: Randy Kraft (63)

Low Gross Round: Randy Kraft (75)

Thursday, May 16

Game of the Day: Lone Ranger

First Place - High Noon: Larry Koenig, Don Rother, Don Miller, Neil Smith

First Place - Sunset: Dale Edlefson, Jeff Helland, Jim Mateyka, Jack Larson

Second Place - High Noon: Jim Ritter, Jay Wiltrout, John Pribyl, (BD Dean Tenney)

Second Place - Sunset: Larry Koenig, Don Rother, Don Miller, Neil Smith

Closest to Pin: Bill Herrick, Jerry Bourassa, Jim Ritter

Longest Putt: Randy Kraft, Jim Mateyka

Individual Low Net - High Noon: Jack Krasky (32)

Individual Low Net - Sunset: Jeff Helland (28)

Player of the Day: Jeff Helland (61)

Low Gross: Jeff Helland (82)

Crosswoods Womens League

Monday, May 13

First Place: Cheri Tiggelaar, Lila Kersey

Second Place: Cathi Nelson, Michele Kohler, Cheryl Fraser

Birdies: Lila Kersey No. 8 , High Noon, Tracy Nelson No. 9 Sunrise

Chip-ins: Tracy Nelson No. 5, High Noon

Low Net: Cheri Tiggelaar, High Noon , Lila Kersey, Sunrise

Low Gross: Tracy Nelson

Wednesday, May 15

First Place: Sue Mitsch, Ardis Thompson, Marlene Miller, Karen Appel

Second Place: Sandra Melberg, Cincy VanHorn, Lila Kersey

Birdies: Ardis Thompson No. 8, Cheri Tiggelaar, No. 7

Low Net: Lila Kersey

Low Gross: Tracy Nelson

Longest Putt No. 9: Sandra Melberg

Closest to the Pin No. 2 Sue Mitsch

Whitefish Mens League

Monday, May 13

Event: Individual Low Net by Flights:

Flight 1:

First Place: Tom Otteson

Second Place: Ron Meyer

Third Place: Darrell Swanson

Fourth Place: Keith Bettes

Flight 2:

First Place: Ron Kitzmann

Second Place: John Farrell

Third Place: Marv Bjugan

Fourth Place: Bill Johander

Flight 3:

First Place: Fred Skog

Second Place: Mike Milbrath

Third Place: Rocky Wilske

Fourth Place: Sam Kantos

Closest to Pin No. 7 Hole: Tom McGrath

Closest to Pin No. 12 Hole: Jim Bydoin

Longest Putt No. 3 Hole: Gary Amundson

Longest Putt No. 14 Hole: Keith Bettes

Whitefish Womens League

Nine-hole League

Game of the day: Three Blind Mice

First Place: Kay Olson

Second Place: Sue Farrell

Third Place: Sally Egan

Low net: Kay Olson

Chip-ins: Kay Olson, No. 18; Kathy Keeling, No. 12.

18-hole League

Game of the Day: T's and F's

Flight 1

First Place: Maxine Riches

Second Place: Anita Stensby

Third Place: Nancy McEnroe

Flight 2

First Place: Nancy Schmidt

Second Place: Luann Rickert

Third Place: Jane Guild

Low Net: Nancy Schmidt

Birdies: Janice DuBois No. 12, Helen McGrath No. 17, Diane GIefer No. 7, Dawn Wiebusch No. 12, Maxine Riches No. 13, Nancy McEnroe No. 15, Mary Kay Kendall No. 12, and Barb Holubar No. 17

Chip-ins: Janice DuBois No. 10, Mary Kay Kendall on No. 12, and Nancy Schmidt on No. 5

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men's League

First place: Scott Balthazor, Tom Walker, Gary Nelson, Dick Hubbard

Second place: Gary majewski, Bill Wroblewski, Jack Schuller, and Ron Germann

Third place: Charly Peterson, Gordy Holmgrem, Mike Thurk, and John Williams

Closest to the Pin No. 1: Gary Bochman

Closest to the Pin No. 3: Charly Peterson

Closest to the Pin No. 9: Jack Anderson

Longest Putt: Keith Walker

Hole-in-one: No. 9 Mike Thurk' 175 yds, 3 wood

Tuesday Morning Men's League - Back 9 Scramble

First Place: Mike Thurk, Al Schewe, Craig Larson, and Keith Walker

Second Place: Mike Oelrich, Gary Nelson, and John Williams

Third Place: Jerry Hagel, Tim Donnay, Larry Wickstrom, and Jack Schuller

Wednesday Evening Women's League

Play of the Day: Reverse Your Score

Winners: Mary Patterson, Robin Purgett, Marianne Auge, Jane Mckinley, Carol Germann, Jan Anderson, and Marlene Brannan

Chip-ins: Kathy Pfaff

Thursday Morning Women's League

Play of the Day: Best Poker Hand, even holes

Winners: Chris Wilmar, Mac Curtis, Patsy Bernhjelm, and Kathy Ecklund

Birdies: Marlene Yurek No. 2

Chip-ins: Marlene Miller No. 4, Barb Schewe No. 7