BARROWS-The 2019 racing season at North Central Speedway kicked off Saturday, April 27, with six feature races.

The 20-lap Modified feature race ended the evening's races and it was Clint Hatlestad of Glencoe coming away with the win. He bested a field that included NCS veteran drivers Justin Jones, who finished second, AJ Viehauser, who finished third, and defending track champion Shawn Fletcher, who finished in fifth place.

This year the Super Stock and Mod 4 class are running under Wissota sanctioning and that meant a talented field for the Super Stock class.

Cole Searing of Huron, S.D., who finished third in national points last year, came away with the win in the 20-lap feature, followed by David Dosh and Seith Kramer. The 10-car field also included Dylan Nelson, Tim Johnson, and Don Eischens.

2018 was a great year for Jess Geesey with a track championship in the Mod 4 class. He carried that momentum through with a feature win, running in front of Gerrald Nohner and Adam Prieve.

David Siercks was also a track champion in the Sportmod class last year and he finished at the top of a 12-car field in the Sportmod feature.

Cory Probst took the spot in the Hobby Stock feature and 21 cars were in the field for the Sport Compact feature with Marschall Robinson taking the win.

IMCA Sport Compacts

Feature: 1-Marschall Robinson, 2-Zachery Schreder, 3-Alex Dostal

Heat 1: 1-Zachery Schreder, 2-Peewee Kuhnau, 3-Kaleb Ruikka

Heat 2: 1-Alex Dostal, 2-Marschall Robinson, 3-Zach Besmehn

Heat 3: 1-Travis Roush, 2-Harry Ruikka, 3-Jenna Hagemann

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Feature: 1-Cory Probst, 2-Tim Gonska, 3-Michael Nelson

Heat 1: 1-Michael Nelson, 2-Joe Gonska, 3-Tim Gonska

Heat 2: 1-Cory Probst, 2-Nathan Gegner, 3-Jake Borden

IMCA Sportmods

Feature: 1-David Siercks, 2-Tim Bergerson, 3-Austin Veralrud

Heat 1: 1-Jake Hagemann, 2-Tim Siercks, 3-Tony Rialson

Heat 2: 1-Tim Bergerson, 2-David Siercks, 3-Jacob Jordan

Wissota Mod 4's

Feature: 1-Jess Geesey, 2-Gerald Nohner, 3-Adam Prieve

Heat 1-Jess Geesey, 2-Gerald Nohner, 3-Dean Shaver

Heat 1-Adam Prieve, 2-Abby Garin, 3-Jamie Lenarz

Wissota Super Stocks

Feature: 1-Cole Searing, 2-Dylan Nelson, 3-Tim Johnson

Heat 1-1-Tim Johnson, 2-Seth Kramer, 3-Austin Niemeyer

Heat 2-1-Don Eischens, 2-Cole Searing, 3-Dylan Nelson

IMCA Modifieds

Feature: 1-Clint Hatlestad, 2-Aaron Johnson, 3-Justin Jones

Heat 1: 1-Aaron Johnson, 2-Clint Hatlestad, 3-Justin Jones