Twelve Mount Ski Gull team members reached the podium Sunday, Jan. 20 at Giants Ridge during the second race of the Northland Junior Race Series.

Despite below-zero temperatures, 100 racers completed, including 37 from Mount skill gull.

Piper Grillo won the girls 8-9 age group with Reef Sampson finishing second in the boys' side.

Calia Chaney won the girls 12-13 group followed by Bridget Collings in second and Millie Taylor third.

Gavin Hoelzel won the boys 14-15 age group while Hannah Taylor and Annika Wiczek were second and third on the girls' side.

Erin Hoelzel won the girls 16 and over age group followed by Cassidy Chaney in second and Emma Hiebert third.

The other podium finisher was Cecelia Rasinski's second-place finish in the girls 6-7 age group.

Gavin Hoelzel's run time of 32.69 was the fastest boys time, while Cassidy Chaney's 33.12 on the same run was the fastest girls time.

The NJRS season opened at Mount Ski Gull Jan. 3 with 150 competitors competing in the two-run giant slalom race. The Mount Ski Gull team had 80 members competing with 20 of those reaching the podium.

Elliot Noskowiak won the boys 5-and-under division with Mac Thuringer finishing second. Jewel Benson was second on the girls' side.

Reef Sampson won the boys 8-9 age group with Grillo finishing second for the girls.

Rasinski was second again in the girls 6-7 division.

Calia Chaney won the girls 12-13 division followed by Lauren Kalenberg in second and Bridget Collins in third. Peter Breitbach was third for the boys. Also third in the boys 10-11 group was Ethan Hiebert.

Allison Krantz and Tera Cunningham secured the top two spots for the girls 14-15 division. Brandon Neifert won the boys' side with Esten Hiebert third.

Mount Ski Gull swept the girls 14-15 division as Emma Hiebert finished first followed by Erin Hoelzel in second and Cassidy Chaney in third. Calvin Madison won the boys side and Trevor Hutchinson was third.

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