Madeline Pluimer went 2-0 at No. 4 singles and the Pequot Lakes Patriots swept all doubles matches in their home invitational against Bemidji and Little Falls on Monday, Aug. 27.

"Bemidji is always a tough match for us, but we like to play them because they help us get better," head coach Monica Sergent said. "We believe this is the first year that we have been able to beat them, but we had very competitive matches at every position, win or lose."

The three doubles teams - Alexa Fyle and Elli Saxerud, Erin Bengtson and Madeline Sherman and Morgan Lueck and Afton Crocker - all went 2-0 at the meet.

Lueck-Crocker remained unbeaten in 10 doubles matches. In singles, Megan Muller and Courtney Boller improved to 9-1, while Pluimer is 8-2.

"The girls are playing well as a team and giving 100 percent during every match and practice," Sergent said. "We are very proud of them."

Team scores:

Pequot Lakes 4, Bemidji 3

Pequot Lakes 7, Little Falls 0

Bemidji 7, Little Falls 0

Pequot Lakes Results


No. 1: Megan Muller 1-1

No. 2: Morgan Mudgett 1-1

No. 3: Courtney Boller 1-1

No. 4: Madeline Pluimer 2-0


No. 1: Alex Fyle-Elli Saxerud 2-0

No. 2: Erin Bengtson-Madelyn Sherman 2-0

No. 3: Morgan Lueck-Aston Crocker 2-0

Patriots sweep Pierz Invite

Muller, Morgan Mudgett and Boller all went 3-0 in singles play for the Patriots, who swept their three meets at the Pierz Invitational Thursday, Aug. 23.

"To win all three of these matches was significant because these teams are all in our half of the section," Sergent said. "With these wins, in addition to the Crosby-Ironton victory, we should get the No. 1 seed for our half of the subsection down the road at playoff time. It seems strange to know that this early, but it will be a bonus when the time arrives."

Also finishing unbeaten for the Patriots was the No. 3 doubles team of Lueck-Crocker.

"I am proud of them," Sergent said. "It was hot, windy, and very exhausting - both physically and mentally - to stay focused and energized over that long of a time period. We served well as a team and managed our shot placement wisely, for the most part."

Team scores:

Pequot Lakes 5, Pierz 2

Pequot Lakes 7, Mora 0

Pequot Lakes 5, Pine City 2

Pierz 6, Mora 1

Pine City 4, Pierz 3

Pequot Lakes Results


No. 1: Megan Muller 3-0

No. 2: Morgan Mudgett 3-0

No. 3: Courtney Boller 3-0

No. 4: Madeline Pluimer 2-1


No. 1: Alexa Fyle-Elli Saxerud 1-2

No. 2: Erin Bengtson-Madeline Sherman 2-1

No. 3: Morgan Lueck-Aston Crocker 3-0

Patriots edge Eveleth-Gilbert

Muller, Boller and Plumier each picked up singles victories - as did all three doubles teams - for Pequot Lakes in the Patriots' 6-1 win over Eveleth-Gilbert Tuesday, Aug. 21 at Forestview Middle School.

Pequot Lakes 6, Eveleth-Gilbert 1


No. 1: Megan Muller (PL) def. Audrey Delich 7-5, 6-3

No. 2: Lydia Delich (EG) def. Morgan Mudgett 6-1, 6-2

No. 3: Courtney Boller (PL) def. Katelyn Torrel 6-1, 6-0

No. 4: Maddy Pluimer (PL) def. Ashley Kuopus 6-2, 6-0


No. 1: Alexa Fyle-Elli Saxerud (PL) def. McKenna Edstrom 7-6, 6-3

No. 2: Erin Bengston-Maddy Sherman (PL) def. Emma Ziegler-Julia Linseth 6-0, 6-2

No. 3: Afton Crocker-Morgan Lueck (PL) def. Anna Beaudette-Gianna Odella 6-1, 6-1