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Authorities pulls 2 bodies from Fish Trap Lake: 1 man found on ice, other found underwater inside ATV

Crosslaker beats Whitefish Warrior

Jonah Selner keeps his face out of the mud as Greg Selner drops into the final Whitefish Warrior obstacle on Aug. 4.1 / 4
Jonah Selner is just ahead of Greg Selner at the Crosslake Whitefish Warrior event Aug. 4.2 / 4
Jonah Selner learns from Chip Lohmiller that water from the fire hose is not warm after a very muddy Whitefish Warrior event Aug. 4.3 / 4
Miranda Piehl and Megan Malecha try to strike abalance between getting their hair caught in the nets or dipping their faces in mud during the Whitefish Warrior event Aug. 4.4 / 4

Aaron Patton of Crosslake was the first to cross the finish line at Whitefish Warrior on Aug. 4 with a time of 13:55 after two grueling miles of obstacles.

Obstacles included many test of physical endurance and coordination including an archery challenge, a kayak course, a wall and a crawl through a muddy pit. Finishers got to look forward to an ice-cold shower from a fire hose and a medal. Kyle Mehrhof of Coon Rapids brought in second place with a time of 14:27 with Christopher Johnson of Orono coming in third at 15:24. The women's bracket had three Edina residents finishing in the top three with Jessica Brenner at 20:53, Krissy Kerr at 21:20 and Judy Brenner at 25:13.