Crosswoods Men’s League

Tuesday, July 30

Game of the Day: Cha Cha Cha

First place – High Noon: Steve Sandberg, Jerry Williams, Don Rother, Tony Coffey

First place – Sunrise: Pat Arens, Gary Munger, Dean Tenney, Bill Herrick

Second place – High Noon: Pat Arens, Gary Munger, Dean Tenney, Bill Herrick

Second place – Sunrise: Roger Klukow, Darryl Thorvilson, Al Olson, Bucky Berg

Closest to pin: Jack Krasky, Bob Jones, Rick Hammer

Longest putt: Bob Johnson, Ernie Byerly, Mic Tchida

Individual Low Net – High Noon: Steve Sandberg (32)

Individual Low Net – Sunrise: Ed Kellogg (31)

Player of the Day: Jack Krasky (69)

Low Gross: Gary Norman (77)

Thursday, Aug. 1

Game of the Day: Best 3 Balls on odd holes and 4 balls on even holes

First place – Sunset: Dean Tenney, Dale Stevens, Howard Hornibrook, Ken Olsen

First place – High Noon: Dave Hansen, Dave Schrupp, Ed Kellogg, Jack Larson

Second place – Sunset: Neal Bailey, Jeff Helland, Wayne Henquinet, Bucky Berg

Second place – High Noon: Seth Langager, Pat Arens, Al Olson, Joe Smith

Closest to pin: Mic Tchida, Larry Koenig, Barney Moorman, Dave Hansen

Longest putt: Jim Fraser, Mic Tchida

Individual Low Net – Sunset: Gene Lovro (27)

Individual Low Net – High Noon: Dave Hansen (32)

Player of the Day: Gene Guthmueller (63)

Low Gross: Gary Norman (76)

Crosswoods Women’s Leagues

18-Hole League

Monday, July 29

Game: Against All Odds

First place: Roseann Stans, Tracy Nelson, Cheri Tiggelaar

Second place: Ann Schrupp, Sue Mitsch

Third place: Marlene Miller, Cheryl Fraser, Jan McChesney

Birdies: Ann Schrupp, Sunrise No. 2

Low net: Cincy Van Horn, Sunrise; Judy Hein, High Noon

Low Gross: Judy Hein

9-Hole League

Wednesday, July 31

Game: 3 Best Balls of 4

First place: Renee Aden, Cheri Tiggelaar, Tracy Nelson

Second place: Jackie Tenney, Sandy Melberg, Marlene Miller

Third place: Ann Schrupp, Thelma Williams, Michele Kohler

Birdies: Ann Schrupp, Sunset 2

Low net: Renee Aden

Low Gross: Ann Schrupp, Tracy Nelson

Closest to the pin No. 2: Ann Schrupp

Whitefish Women’s Leagues

18-Hole League

Game of the day: Cha-Cha-Cha

First place: Helen Mcgrath, Mimi Swanson, Joan Kantos, Marguerite Baker.

Second place: Debbie Enger, Maxine Riches, Betsy Otteson, Ginny Sitzer.

Third place: Barb Holubar, Rox Thompson, Dorie Kaleva, Cheryl Stansfield

Birdies: Brenda VanSandt (2), Pat Kline, Debbie Enger, Joyce Fleck

Chip-ins: Sherrie Adams, Luann Rickert

Low net: Cheryl Bontrager

9-Hole League

Game of the day: Guess your score

Winners: Vicki Dypwick, Sue Farrell, Connie Foster, Marilyn Koehler, Rhonda Swanson and Leisha Tietz

Chip-ins: Kathy Larson, No. 1; Kathy Keeling, No. 2; Julie Achterkirch, No. 4; Cathie Liendecker-Foster, No. 6

Low Net: Marilyn Koehler (33)

Breezy Point Ladies’ League

First place: Michelle Buttweiler (24)

Second place: Gloria Thomas (22)

Third place: Sylvia Schmitt (21)

Fourth place: Joi Brandt (20.5)

Fifth place: Ruth Klukow (20)

Sixth place (tie): Polly Aumock, Sandy O’Day

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men’s League

First place: Keith Walker, Bill Wroblewski, Wayne Sieffert, and Ron Germann

Second place: Jim Schallman, Jim Wick, Tim Donnay, and Dave Purgett

Third place: Jerry Hagel, Mike Thurk, Gary Nelson, and Bruce Nelson

Fourth place: Gary Majewski, Bob Ecklund, Don Rodi, Jerry Johnson, and Gary Bochman

Closest to the pin No. 1: Jerry Hagel

Closest to the pin No. 3: Bob Ecklund

Closest to the pin No. 9: Jerry Hagel

Longest putt: Bill Wroblewski

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First place: Don Atwater, Wayne Sieffert, Dave Schwarze, and Don Rodi

Second place: Clayton Peltier, Mike Oelrich, Doug Willmar, and Al Schewe

Third place: Craig Larson, Gary Nelson, Jim Wick, and Bill Waddell

Fourth place: Paul Jensen, Bob Ecklund, Charlie Peterson, and Rick Blackman

Tuesday Evening Men’s League / Wednesday Morning Men’s League

Tuesday Markers: Chris Olander and Tim Chenevert

Tuesday Skins: Taylor Carstens, Bill Forsythe, Brad Koehler, and Jason Schneider,

Wednesday Markers: Dick Blevins

Wednesday Skins: Bob Ecklund (2), Don Rodi (2), Jerry Hagel, and Keith Walker

Wednesday Evening Women’s League

Play of the day: Fun Day

First place: Patsy Bernhjelm, Marianne Auge, Kathy Pfaff, and Tricia Murray

Second place: Carol Germann, Mary Schreier, Nancy Kruse, and Jan Anderson

Third place: Becky Guida, Karolyn Latteralle, Sue Degner, and Robin Purgett

Fourth place: Jane Mckinley, Marlene Brannan, Bonnie Bares, and Mary Patterson

Proxy Markers: Kathy Pfaff, Charly Richters, Sue Degner, and Bonnie Bares

Thursday Morning Women’s League

Play of the day: Week 1 of the year end tournament.

Leaders after Week 1: Joanne Walker, Robin Purgett and Marlene Miller

Birdies: Barb Heck

Chip-ins: Barb Heck and Patsy Bernhjelm


Sander Lien of St. Paul made a hole-in-one at Madden’s Social 9 on Friday, Aug. 2. He aced the par-3 No. 4 hole (123 yards) using a wedge.