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NFL: Joe Haeg conference call with Indianapolis Colts

Colts: Have you talked at all with the Colts about where you'll play along the line? Do you have the versatility to be a guard, as well as a tackle?

Joe Haeg: "We haven't discussed that yet, but (head coach Chuck Pagano is) just excited for me to get out there, as well as I am. He just told me to get ready to work hard, stay humble and just keep grinding like I did at North Dakota State. We'll see how everything falls once we get later into the summer and into camp."

Colts: How much interest had the Colts shown in you?

JH: "Actually quite a bit. I actually only had one official meeting at the NFL Combine. They were the one team, and we had a great meeting, really connected with all the coaches. It was a great experience. I know I'm very excited. The Colts were one of the teams I've been looking forward to—I've always kind of been hoping in the back of my mind that I'd be able to play for. I'm just very excited that I got that call from them."

Colts: Did you have a workout with Joe Philbin (assistant head coach/offensive line)?

JH: "No it was not with Coach Philbin. It was with one of the other offensive line coaches, but yeah, I had a private workout at North Dakota State."

Colts: How big was the NFL Combine and Senior Bowl for a guy like you from a small school?

JH: "I think it's huge. Being a small school guy, that's always a huge question. For some teams it's bigger than others, but I think something I've been able to show is just my athleticism, my explosiveness and my ability to take coaching technique and adapt to however they want me to play. I think that's one of my biggest selling points. I've always been a guy that pays a lot of attention to detail. I'm just excited to get out there and get working with the coaches."

Colts: This is going to be a huge jump from a small school. Are you ready for that?

JH: "Absolutely, when I went to the Senior Bowl I did have a shoulder injury but for the practices I was able to get in—at first, you can tell it's a little bit faster but when it comes down to it, you're playing football and that's the thing. No matter what even if I was at Alabama or Iowa State, there's still going to be a jump that those guys have to make to the pro level. I'm excited to get out there and kind of just embrace it."

Colts: What was your initial reaction from going from the No. 2 pick Carson Wentz to now a former No. 1 pick in Andrew Luck?

JH: "I was extremely happy. I saw their pick coming up. Deep down I was like, 'Please give me the call. Please give me the call.' Finally it popped up with the area code. I was very excited, a little shaky because I was so pumped for it. I'm just so happy that I finally know where I'm going and I can't wait to get out there and really get after it."