Letter to the Editor: Your liberal politicians

Parts of COVID relief bill questioned


For all who support the liberal agenda, including the monstrosity so-called COVID relief bill, here is a partial list of goodies or actions that show the true nature of the liberal beast.

Page 305 of the COVID bill will provide $1,400 per week for 15 weeks of paid leave related to the coronavirus to federal government employees while providing the rest of America a single check for $1,400. That is $21,000 versus $1,400.

Prior to it being removed under pressure, our Democrat representatives voted to send more than $100 million to help dig a tunnel in California for rapid transit instead of providing that money to help with mental health issues experienced by children who have been kept from going to school.

They voted to allow for stimulus money to go to illegal immigrants.

A provision in the bill will pay 120% of any outstanding loan a socially disadvantaged farmer has from or guaranteed by the federal government. This is in addition to a program begun in 1990 for “Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers," which spends $10 million per year to encourage and assist this group to operate farms and ranches.


They have voted to nationalize elections and are moving to nationalize zoning laws. So much for states' rights and federalism.

They voted for $130 billion more for education while $60 billion from the previous relief bill remains unspent.

With all this money, why does Walz want to give another $25 million to Minnesota education?

Just in case you are unsure what that is called, it is called socialism, the first step to Marxism.

Dale Probasco,


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