Letter to the Editor: Words matter

Today, capitalism cries out to ignore the obvious signs and scientific knowledge concerning coronavirus.


Lots of simple words of everyday use have such complex or convoluted definitions that average people don't use the words, or misunderstand them.

I still remember being required to memorize the definition of a "limit" in an early calculus class. I memorized it, but didn't understand it.

Capitalism is a similar word: a proper definition of capitalism would sound like something lawyers draw up. But a simple "street" definition would do just as well for most of us: Capitalism is a philosophy where people look for ways to grab as many dollars as they can, which means by any means available.

The only limits are limits society sets up through governments, and limits of their own power. For example, they're not allowed to use a gun and robbery. But they can kill people in other ways to get more money, until government limits them.

Capitalism freely, knowingly and without reservation killed people using tobacco. They did whatever they could think of to get more money, more than anyone could actually need. Capitalism did this until hampered by government to at least not target children.


(I've been told tobacco still operates because they've been held accountable for billions of dollars to reimburse states for tobacco-related health care costs. The only way tobacco companies could ever pay these penalties is to raise money by selling more tobacco! Or, repossess the profits of those who gained from selling tobacco. But we "Americans" honor greed too much to do that.)

Child labor was another area where capitalism exploited and killed for profit until limited by government.

Today, capitalism cries out to ignore the obvious signs and scientific knowledge concerning coronavirus. Make people mingle and work even if they're killed, for profits for others.

Of course, if you can destroy governments, you destroy limits.

A. Martin,


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