Letter to the Editor: We must celebrate our diversity

Teaching the values of individual liberty and freedom as a foundation of our country is critical.


Several recent letters have focused on our education system and the teaching of our history.

It is important that everyone understand what is being taught and the context in which it is being taught. One recent letter extolled the virtues of teachers “teaching the truth."

The Minnesota Department of Education is currently reviewing the social studies standards for the state. The second draft of this document is now available for all to provide comment and feedback. However, that feedback must be submitted by Aug. 16.

It is a lengthy document, and for most of the document there is little controversy. However, in the last several pages, roughly the last 25-30 pages, there are words and phrases that are concerning.

Identifying America as primarily an imperialist nation, using phrases like "environmental systems of oppression," "racialized hierarchy based on European beauty standards and values," "systemic and coordinated exercises of power" without proper context or definition is, in my view, unacceptable and allows for basic parts of critical race theory to be taught.


We should celebrate every life as human and of value, not based on skin color but the content of their character.

Teaching the values of individual liberty and freedom as a foundation of our country is critical. If we are truly a melting pot, then we should not segregate people into buckets of rich/poor, white/people of color, etc., but rather celebrate our diversity as one.

Dale Probasco,


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