Letter to the Editor: We live amongst great people

Thanks to the person who helped get a car unstuck from the snow


There are several reasons we all love living in our area, including small towns, less hassle, the outdoors, lower crime than the Twin Cities and, of course, the great people who live here.

As a volunteer for Faith in Action for Cass County, I have the privilege of helping people. One way is driving them to their appointments. Letter to the Editor policy

I recently drove a person to their appointment on a day when it was snowing. We got to the appointment just fine and returned them to their home.

Since it had snowed while we were at their appointment, upon dropping them off at home I ran into some difficulty leaving their home since the driveway was somewhat step and I did not have four-wheel drive.

After several attempts, I let them know I was stuck in the driveway and was going to get a tow truck to get me out.


The person called a friend of theirs who quickly showed up to help me get up the driveway.

This kind of response is typical of people in our area and emphasizes how great the people are.

So thank you, Greg, for your help. You were a godsend.

Dale Probasco,


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