Letter to the Editor: Vote for Norgaard in Crosslake


Leadership skills: Caring, economy, environment, fiscal responsibility - this is what Patty Norgaard, who is running for mayor in Crosslake, is all about!

I was the first woman to be a Crosslake City Council member 20 years ago. It was a learning and challenging experience that I will never forget, and I was proud to be active in our community. Needless to say, it took awhile for the rest of the council to accept a woman within their environment.

I wasn’t very knowledgeable at first but I did gain respect and was known as the council member with “common sense.” Since then I stayed interested in our town and still care about the leadership and wish more women would show an interest in our city.

I can see Patty being a great leader in seeing that things get done once again and be there for all of us who love Crosslake!

Donna Keiffer,



Seasonal resident for 23 years, full-time resident for 28 years

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