Letter to the Editor: Violence leads to more violence

There are some lessons to be learned regarding the use of guns.


The acquittal verdict in the recent trial against a young Wisconsin man accused of killing two protesters and injuring another makes me want to know more.

Just from watching the online videos, it appears that his actions were in self defense. When you have an AR-15 style rifle and someone is attempting to hit you with a skateboard and another holding a revolver in pursuit, fearful for your safety or life, you shoot to defend yourself.

The jury agreed. Not guilty. Self defense.

I’m curious about the young man’s original intent. Why did he show up at a racially charged protest with a AR-15? Did he own property to protect? Was he thinking he could help the police? Did he see himself as a vigilante (kill the bad and protect the good)? Was he angry and looking for revenge?

Who knows?


But there is a lesson here. Wisconsin (U.S. constitutional law) defends a young man carrying an AR-15 to a public demonstration.

I’m glad I had a dad, uncles, friends and a pastor who taught me that assault rifles are not necessary when hunting, that carrying a loaded weapon in public is asking for trouble, that war is hell because in battle you either kill or get killed, that Martin Luther (the Reformer) was wise when (in his Small Catechism) he interpreted the Fifth Commandment (You shall not kill) as not only what we should not do (kill), but also what we should do (help our neighbor in all his/her physical needs).

Yes, there are some lessons here. Johnny Cash sang, “Don’t take your guns to town, son” and Jesus taught us that it’s better to be a Good Samaritan.

Terry Frovik,

Lake Shore

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