Letter to the Editor: Taking issue with words against Trump


I noted during this time of the coronavirus, there have been few, if any, politically motivated letters. I think that is good in times like these. Unfortunately, Mr. Bye’s hatred drove him to write a negative opinion piece that I believe contains lies, innuendos and/or half truths about President Trump.

Mr. Bye states that Trump does not listen to the medical experts. That is false and has been verified as false by Dr. Fauci himself. He further complains that the president called it the Chinese virus. Well, it is a fact that is where it started and vital formation was withheld by China from us and the rest of the world.

He continues to blast Trump about not acting earlier. Well, as he was listening to the medical experts, he heard the head of the World Health Organization downplaying the virus, saying it was not passed on between humans. Our own Dr. Fauci said on Jan. 17 that this virus would be similar to a bad flu.

Even after hearing that, the president closed off travel from China and was condemned by Joe Biden as being xenophobic.

The medical experts first said there would be millions of deaths, then down to 100,000 to 240,000, then to 86,000 and most recently 60,000.


Any reference to Trump calling this a hoax is a flat out lie and a cursory internet search would have given better knowledge.

I believe his piece is filled with lies and generalities and little truth.

Shame on you for trying to divide us at this time.

Dale Probasco,


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