Letter to the Editor: Support Jen Schultz

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Women of Crow Wing County

This is a test:

If you believe in protecting women’s rights for you, your daughters, your granddaughters – Vote for Jen Schultz. Letter to the Editor policy

If you believe in preserving social security and Medicare for future generations – Vote for Jen Schultz.

If you believe in providing quality education for your children and grandchildren – Vote for Jen Schultz.


If you believe in protecting the Environment for future generations – Vote for Jen Schultz.

If you believe in a collaborative style of Government – Vote for Jen Schultz.

If you answered YES to these simple questions, you know who to vote for on Nov. 8.

It is time for Jen Schultz to be our next congress woman, who is not a “yes man,” but can lead responsibility, intelligently, and fairly – representing all of us.

Make your vote count for something - Vote Jen Schultz Nov. 8.

Women Winning: She Runs – We Win

Patty Norgaard
Former Crosslake Mayor

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