Letter to the Editor: Support boating safety legislation

Whitefish Chain Yacht Club supports legislation to educate all who operate boats


Currently, House File 949 and Senate File 553 address a very important matter regarding boating safety in Minnesota.

Both bills address the need to have boater education for those using boats and personal watercraft. If passed, the bill would go into effect in 2025 for adults 21 years of age or younger to take a water safety course and written test. Letter to the Editor policy

Additionally, boat rental companies would provide information on boating laws in Minnesota and instructions for safe boating in Minnesota.

The person renting the boat or personal watercraft must take a short boater safety exam before the boat rental agreement is complete.

Minnesota currently has a youth boating class for youth 12 years of age and older. The Whitefish Chain Yacht Club (WCYC) provides access to a class each summer with the support and help from the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Water Patrol.


Because of our commitment to the WCYC mission, “safety on the water,” our board of directors strongly supports this proposed legislation for adults to take a test on water safety.

With increased boat traffic on the Whitefish Chain and more boat rentals, having boat operators knowledgeable is needed to ensure boating safety.

Please join our board and voice your support of these two bills currently in the Legislature. The links to our state representative and state senator are included here.

Rep. Ben Davis, House District 6A:

Sen. Justin Eichorn, Senate District 6:

To find your state representative and senator, go to

Thank you for your support of this legislation.

Bonnie Coffey,


Pequot Lakes

Commodore, on behalf of the Whitefish Chain Yacht Club board

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