Letter to the Editor: Stop the Republican violence

When did hate become a political talking point with them?

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Some guy in San Francisco broke into the Pelosi home hollering, "Where's Nancy? Where's Nancy!" and beat Paul Pelosi in what might be charged as attempted murder.

Nancy Pelosi is the Democrat Speaker of our House. During the Jan. 6 violent insurrection attempting to overthrow our government in support of the former Republican president, some of the seditionists were videotaped hollering much the same about Speaker Pelosi. Letter to the Editor policy

Minnesota Republican Rep. Tom Emmer has a Tweet ("Face the Nation," Oct. 30 2022) showing him shooting a rifle, then calling to "fire Nancy."

Also prominent on the ad is jive about the Second Amendment, which is just one of the 27 amendments to our Constitution (which has seven articles). I mention this because I seriously doubt if most "Second Amendment" people are even aware of that.

At this point things are so obvious it's a case of "The King's New Clothes." One can ask, without bias or prejudice, what has become so mentally wrong with today's Republicans? They aren't living in reality.


Being Republican seems to require self-induced hallucinations, much like users of "acid" (LSD) experience. They're living a total denial of the existence of reality.

When did hate become a political talking point with them? There's a place I pass by on Wise Road with a sign, "Honk if you hate Walz." Walz is our Democrat governor.

If I lived next door to this sign, I'd put up my own saying, "Honk if you're an idiot."

A. Martin,


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