Letter to the Editor: Speed is dangerous and reckless

Letter writer outlines Democrat Party bills he disagrees with in Minnesota


The DFL continue their push toward a socialist/Marxist state. Gov. Walz either agrees with this madness or is held hostage by his far left radical base. I believe the former is true.

Several bills have been introduced that we should all have concerns about. HF 1715 would ban the sale of gas-powered lawn equipment (lawn mowers, chain saws, edgers, leaf blowers, etc., by — get this — January 2025, less than two years away. This was introduced by people from the metro area. Letter to the Editor policy

HF 2666 would provide a basic income to Minnesotans who earn up to 300% of federal poverty guidelines. This means the level of earnings for a single person is $43,740, a couple $59,160, and a family of four $90,000 still qualify. The cost of this for 2024 and 2025 is $100 million each year.

HF 2397 would have Minnesota do the following: (1) Allocate $100 million for reparations, and that is just a starting amount; (2) establish a commission to study this; (3) require several formal apologies by the state.

Minnesota was never a slave state and actually fought on the union side. So they want to have people who have never owned slaves give money to people who have never been slaves in a nonslave state.


This was introduced by Rep. Hussein, an immigrant from Somalia at age 14 who evidently is unaware that the Democrat Party is the party of slavery, Ku Klux Klan, Dred Scott and segregation. Perhaps they should pay those reparations.

So much more to cover next time, including criminalizing speech if a person perceives it is biased.

Socialism and Marxism have never worked and rely on suspension of individual liberty and freedom for dictators to rule.

Dale Probasco,


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