Letter to the Editor: September platform


I have heard some people describe Joe Biden and his running mate, Harris, politically moderate.

Setting aside that both Biden and Harris, in a national debate, raised their hand in support of free health care for illegal immigrants, we now have a document that clearly shows how far left and radical their policies will be.

After securing the nomination, Biden’s team met with Bernie Sanders' team and produced a 110-page document called “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations." This document, which is primarily Bernie’s platform, gives us a shocking view of just how radical they will be if elected.

It includes a listing of so many “free” things and “super charge investments” that everyone’s taxes will go up and our country will become a socialist country with all the ills that go with socialism.

Things like plans to nationalize zoning to put more low-income and high-density housing in suburbs and other rural areas, free college, chain migration, Medicare for all, a totally government-run program are coming your way.


Plus for those who did not go to college or those who saved and/or paid their way through college, you get the privilege of paying off the school debt of those who went to college and racked up debt. And of course, weak border security and amnesty.

Remember, Gov. Walz, Sens. Smith and Klobuchar and DFL House members broadly support this agenda.

To be fully informed, I strongly recommend people read this document prior to voting. It really reminds me of the writings of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky.

A simple internet search for "Biden Sanders Unity Task Force" will allow you to read and/or download for future reference.

Dale Probasco,


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