Letter to the Editor: Return disc golf course to its natural state

Couple with property adjacent to the Breezy Point course opposes the expansion


This letter is in reference to the development and expansion of the Breezy Point Disc Golf Course, which we are vehemently opposed to.

We own property that is adjacent to the expansion of the disc golf course. We were aware of the creation of the original 18-hole course, by sight only, as we were never contacted by the city of Breezy Point in reference to plans for the original course prior to it being built. Letter to the Editor policy

We were horrified by the massive destruction of trees and plants to accommodate the disc golf course expansion in summer 2022. Again, we never received any type of notice that the city was going to uproot this area.

Now we are finding newspaper articles in the Pineandlakes Echo Journal reporting on Breezy Point City Council meetings where citizens are coming forward with their objections to the expansion of the disc golf course.

Others who support the expansion are quoted as stating the area is safe and family friendly.


We object to the idea that the course is safe, as in the past we have walked on the cross-country ski trail that borders the southwest side of the course and have noticed trash, empty beer cans and, in one instance, we observed a young male urinating against a tree.

That certainly does not sound like a very family-friendly environment to us.

We go on record as supporting the idea of restoring the newly expanded course back to its natural state.

Carol and Mark Sletner,

Breezy Point

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