Letter to the Editor: Resident doesn't want Breezy Point disc golf course expansion

Resident says council members are representing outside interests rather than taxpaying citizens


Why are Breezy Point City Council members catering to the wants of nonresidents while dismissing the requests/demands of the residents - the city taxpayers, the people who vote them into office?

I find it incredibly alarming and a conflict of interest to see a council member who holds an administrator position on the Breezy Point Disc Golf Facebook page. Many posts made by him over the years, reassuring members that the expansion will come “in time." This page was where I also found that the director of the Breezy Point Disc Golf Club informed page members of a neighborhood petition. Letter to the Editor policy

Interesting, which council member informed him of the petition? I assume he didn’t read about in the meeting agenda.

On April 2, Shane Humphrey, director of the BP Disc Golf Club, made a post, alerting the page’s 429 members: “*URGENT*." "There is a petition from neighbors of the disc golf course, demanding that we stop the current expansion.” “We cannot let them stop this progress."

He supplied them with the email addresses of the mayor and council members. One of the page’s members responded to his post: “What a bunch of dried-up prunes.” “People just can’t look the other way, always concerned with something they shouldn’t be.”


To that, I respond: This is OUR neighborhood. We live here. We raise children here. We pay taxes here. We elect city officials. We will NOT look away.

Why are the Breezy Point elected officials ignoring the residents and valuing the input of nonresidents?

Seeing as there is a complete lack of transparency and the city website is not user friendly, the proposed budget estimated cost is $84,675; the cost of labor is not included in that number.

Why have we elected people who don’t have our best interest in mind?

Jessica Olsen,

Breezy Point

(Editor's Note: The original estimated budget for the disc golf course expansion was $84,675. The city has spent $28,455 thus far with an estimated $16,500 in expenses remaining. Expenditures so far have been under the original estimated costs.)

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