Letter to the Editor: Remove mayor, Nisswa negativity


I have lived as a summer resident in Nisswa for 50-plus years. All of these years I’ve never heard anything but love and admiration for our lovely town. Until now. I have received multiple texts and messages all summer from friends and family asking me what is happening in Nisswa.

First, the question was directed at the mayor's support of a now dismissed teacher’s racist Facebook post. The second was in regard to the Iron Waffle House’s defiance in wearing face coverings, and now this. A video of the mayor resisting arrest.

The mayor of Nisswa, again, is a disgrace. His defiance in complying with the lovely officers of Nisswa is embarrassing. I’m afraid our sweet town is becoming a laughing stock and becoming not the small town of “Pretty Good Shopping” but instead, “You may like our shops but we don’t believe in science, like people of color, or our police” town.

My hope is that the town and the city council see that this man is unfit for office, and that we align ourselves with the rest of the world and make safety for everyone our priority, and that we show respect for folks of all ethnicities.

I love Nisswa and don’t want any negativity surrounding it. It’s time for a cultural awakening up north. It will start with the removal of Mayor Heidmann.


Mary Casserly-Smith,

Eagan and Nisswa

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