Letter to the Editor: Questions abound about committee hearings

Here are one letter writer's thoughts on this committee

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Regardless if you like or hate Donald Trump, we should all be concerned about this committee and how this investigation is being conducted. Here are my thoughts on this sham committee:

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is one of the persons responsible for security of the Capitol building. Remarkably, even with this responsibility, the Speaker, her office and staff have been declared off limits to this committee investigation. Letter to the Editor policy

It has been reported that Trump offered troops to Pelosi and D.C. police but was turned down. An inspector general’s report stated that in a Jan. 5 meeting, Trump expressed his desire to keep people safe and was told there was a plan.

In his speech, then-President Trump said to march peacefully to the Capitol to protest. I have not seen any proof of a hidden message to storm the Capitol.

I have been unable to find any other congressional committee where the minority leader was not allowed to place the members he selected to sit on the committee.


While I have and continue to condemn people who broke into the Capitol and/or committed acts of violence, I believe the majority of people were peaceful protesters but most are in jail for trespassing and parading.

There has been no cross examination of witnesses that have appeared before the committee.

Regarding Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony, why not call the Secret Service members to testify with firsthand accounts?

One final point. If this committee is so sure of what they have from interviews, etc., why won’t they release all the transcripts so we can all judge for ourselves?

Dale Probasco,


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