Letter to the Editor: Power and taxes

Letter writer does not agree with DFL bills


As we watch the DFL politicians and the Walz administration continue their push for a Marxist state, we need look no further than their legislative actions and Walz’s budget to see who they are.

We have a Democratic president, who in the middle of a recession and record debt raises taxes to fund more of his Marxist programs. Letter to the Editor policy

In Minnesota we have a governor who raises taxes with a $17 billion surplus.

These people are only interested in getting, increasing or maintaining their power over all of us and they use taxes as one of their tools. They are the modern day epitome of evil.

The DFL are currently pushing bills such as:


HF 181

We can agree that assaults based on real bias are wrong. This bill says what counts is a perception of bias, not provable bias.

Does anyone really trust an unelected bureaucrat to decide the issue of “perception?" The bill includes gathering data on any of these issues, which then can be used against those who disagree with their ideology.

HF 91

This bill furthers the DFL obsession with killing babies first addressed in the abortion bill. Now they are going further and repealing various sections of current law including:

There is no longer a requirement for parental notification regardless of age. I guess they don’t think parents should be involved.

If a baby survives an abortion, the doctor is not required to treat that baby but can stand by and watch the baby die.

Allows for state funding and support of abortions. Note that Walz’s budget further gets rid of funding for pregnancy crisis centers because they only want their view of the world known.


Things keep getting worse. I will have more next time.

Dale Probasco,


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