Letter to the Editor: Politicians fiddle while country burns


Shades of the fall of the Roman Empire and Nazi regime. Now Pelosi, Schumer and many Democrats and Rhinos are bowing down to Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood and seem to favor chaos and lawlessness.

Our cities continue to burn, most of which are under Democratic rule. Christian churches and Jewish synagogues were immediately locked down because of COVID-19, but Muslim mosques had no restrictions. Meanwhile, our constitution is in danger of being shredded, our freedoms completely destroyed and anti-Christ groups grow in power.

How long will you continue to keep silent and bury your heads in the sand as to what is happening in this country? If you fall for Biden's so-called promises, be prepared for taxes and cost of living to go through the roof and your life will become completely under government control.

Once the Roman Empire ruled most of civilization and the Nazi regime boasted a 1,000-year reign of terror. History is littered with names of men and women who thought themselves more powerful than God.

They all failed completely. Only God is in control. He who created this earth and all that is in it, including you and me.


Do not be fooled by the continuous gloom and doom predicted by 90% of the media who have become like sheep jumping off a cliff to serve those who wish to destroy the very foundation on which this country was created.

The Democrats are using COVID-19 as a weapon to destroy all common sense, logic and to spread fear. God gave you a brain. Use it to see both sides of the story.

Only the truth will prevail. Where do you stand?

Dolores Zaske,

Pine River

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