Letter to the Editor: Now it's a cigarette?


If this proposal to raise the age to 21 in Pequot to buy cigarettes goes to the council, common sense should prevail and they should go on record to say we as a city have a lot more important things to address than to enter into people's personal lifestyles.

Proposals like this tie into the same governmental mentality that our federal government passed into law on the American people in 1920-1930. It was called Prohibition, which made it a crime for anyone to go out and have beer or drink. A total disaster for America and its people. Jail terms, prison time for anyone participating. A crime to have a beer, country was in chaos, lost many millions in tax revenue over the years. A brain-dead idea from the start, but our government stayed with it for 13 years - they knew best!

Evidently this "vaping" is the problem they're trying to address, but let's not go back again to superior governmental thinking and start picking and choosing what's good for these young adults who are 18, and that includes service personnel (who enjoy a cigarette/beer) who are fighting for your country.

With this government type of mentality, they'll be telling service personnel, "Oh, you want a beer? Can't do it. No smokes either. You have to be 21. Sorry about losing your arm, leg, etc. over there, but thanks for serving."

A little extreme maybe, but it happens and the American people never speak up. Even our own American Legion and VFWs aren't a lot better at going to bat for their own.


These young service personnel 18-20 have never received the respect and dignity they have so rightly deserved just by volunteering for our country.

Government, stop playing God and clean up your own house.

Jack Schmidt,

Pequot Lakes

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