Letter to the Editor: New York, New York


New York City, being a sanctuary city, ICE agents are turned away. A safe haven for all illegal immigrants, these same illegals, some with known criminal records, have the backing of the state and city to legally obtain a state driver's license.

This gives them the means to drive to work, pay roll, state and city taxes, all which gives them the right to vote in New York City at election time.

Who are these illegals going to vote for? The hand that feeds them.

Butter it up, throw in some welfare programs, food stamps, fuel assistance, housing allowance, hospitalization, Social Security, right to demonstrate, burn our flag, legal representation in court, free schooling, utilities paid, etc.

That's the reason I'm writing this editorial. At the early outset of the president's prediction of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, it was to be taken seriously. New York's Democratic Mayor de Blasio's resentment for Trump downplayed and criticized the president's prediction, along with New York Gov. Cuomo, of his decision to close down all international air travel in 10 days, and that even as president he was overstepping his authority. Trump did the best thing for the country. The only thing.


This COVID-19 is unprecedented. If anyone saw it coming, it was the president. With his officials overseas, he had a heads up on it and when the virus "hit the fan" in New York, who was the first with asinine accusations that the Trump administration didn't know what they were doing? New York's "sanctuary" Mayor de Blasio, who had all the answers but can't run his own city, along with Gov. Cuomo.

This COVID-19 certainly brought out the true colors of these two New York politicians. Real political hypocrites. Anything to make Trump look bad. It didn't work.

Jack Schmidt,

Pequot Lakes

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