Letter to the Editor: More on less than truthful political ads

Writer takes issue with Walz ads on abortion, tax cuts


The Walz campaign has been running ads that I believe are at least less than fully truthful and like Biden are designed to divide people, not bring them together.

Of course, Walz is a DFL politician. He has been running multiple ads regarding abortion. Letter to the Editor policy

In Minnesota, abortion is protected by the state Constitution. This abortion avenue can’t be undone by any governor or legislation, only an amendment to the state Constitution.

As much as I oppose killing babies in the womb, I also believe in the constitutional system so I am forced to live with abortions in Minnesota.

He uses Dr. Anuja Singh, an OB/GYN doctor, to raise these false red flags about abortion being banned. Turns out this doctor has and likely still is working with Planned Parenthood and I believe could certainly benefit from continuation of abortions.


Walz also makes claims regarding tax cuts, funding education and in an interview with Esme Murphy said that less than 80% of kids missed more than 10 days of in-school learning.

While he said he was taken out of context, the reference from the interviewer was clearly about shutting down schools and Walz was caught trying to give false information.

Walz also touts tax cuts. We know from the news on the last legislative session he opposed tax cuts and wanted to give a one-time tax rebate with what he called Walz checks. I believe these checks were a not-so-subtle way to buy votes.

Those tax cuts from last season largely did not happen anyway, so referencing this as an accomplishment was just another fraudulent statement.

Note, no ads discussing the rising crime rates across Minnesota that have been happening in his term.

Dale Probasco,


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