Letter to the Editor: Lives matter


There were two letters in the July 20 Echo Journal. The contents of each letter is interesting.

I pretty much agree with them. I also don't like what happened to George Floyd and don't condone what happened.

I wonder why people are so enthralled with Black Lives Matter. What happened to people of other color?

There is a priest, Paul Watson, of the Franciscan Friars of Graymoor, Garrison, New York. Back in 1925, he stated: "There is nothing like the outstretched arm of the savior, because we were all derived from the same fountain source of Adam. And whether the skin of those who died were black, white, yellow or olive, his arms are outstretched in charity for everyone who responds to his love."

Therefore, I say, "All Lives Matter," and whoever puts a color in front of "Lives Matter" is a racist.


Dennis Czech,

Elk River, formerly Pequot Lakes

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