Letter to the Editor: Let's not forget

After George Floyd's death, I believe our governor intentionally turned his back and his oath of office on the people of Minneapolis and Minnesota.

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A few things we should all recall and remember before the midterm November election - America's riots in 2020.

After George Floyd's 2020 death, all riots nationwide were in Democratic controlled states, and all cities had Democratic governors and mayors. Plus all were so-called sanctuary cities. Letter to the Editor policy

What motivated this? I believe our own Minnesota Gov. Walz.

After George Floyd's death, I believe he intentionally turned his back and his oath of office on the people of Minneapolis and Minnesota. By not using the Guard immediately, I believe he knew the consequence would be the destruction of south Minneapolis but still let Black Lives Matter and slime have at it for four days.

After nothing was left to destroy, burn, loot or steal, he sent in the Guard.


His incompetency will cost Minnesotans $550 million in property loss, which we will all pay for.

But in the end, he wins by not using the Guard to stop the riot. I believe he'll get the Black vote in the Twin Cities, which he counts on, but he sacrificed south Minneapolis to get these votes. Great deal for him.

The riots that followed across America, your Gov. Walz set that precedent and a blueprint to every Democratic controlled sanctuary city in America. This is how you do a riot without any consequences, and it worked.

And let's not forget our self-righteous governor during the "epidemic," telling Minnesota families that funerals and Thanksgiving - not more than 35 family members can attend. But who was in the front pew at George Floyd's funeral? No other than our Gov. Walz, where hundreds attended. Gets votes.

Walz is two-faced but still it takes guts to ask for our vote after what he did in Minneapolis. Think about that when you vote.

Just my opinion.

Jack Schmidt,

Pequot Lakes

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